How many different languages does James Bond speak across the entire movie franchise?

By any chance would you have the answer to the following questions:

Do you know how many languages Bond has spoken in the entire movie collection?

If so, do you know what these languages are?

Any further chance you'd be able to reference which film these languages are spoken in?

I prefer answers shaken, not stirred, if at all possible.


  • SpectreOfDefeatSpectreOfDefeat Posts: 389MI6 Agent

    Ok, here goes. By my (rough) estimation...

    Bond speaks, however briefly...

    Japanese in You Only Live Twice

    Arabic in The Spy Who Loved Me

    Greek in For Your Eyes Only

    Spanish in Octopussy

    Afghan (Pushtu?) in The Living Daylights

    French in GoldenEye

    Danish and German in Tomorrow Never Dies

    Russian in The World Is Not Enough

    Spanish again in Die Another Day

    Spanish for a third time in Quantum Of Solace

    Therefore, we can see that Pierce Brosnan is the most polyglot of the Bonds, speaking French, Danish, German, Russian and Spanish across his films....

    "The spectre of defeat..."

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,630MI6 Agent

    Italian in FYEO and SP.

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  • simon78simon78 Posts: 11MI6 Agent
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    Doesn't he speek to the Gypsies in FRWL briefly so Turkish?

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