Will You Collect Bond Clothing After NTTD?

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Daniel Craig and I are close to the same age, and one of the things I enjoyed about his tenure as 007 was that the movies gave me an added push to stay in shape and helped me dress better by example. Whatever happens after No Time to Die, the next Bond is likely to be significantly younger. I doubt It will be appropriate for a man in his 50s to take style cues from the next Bond.

I’ve realized I may be nearing the end of my collecting journey (with the exception of some suits and throwback items from older Bond films ). I’m wondering if others here have felt the same way and how you’re thinking about the future of your personal style.



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    That's a really interesting question. On the one hand, with few exceptions (tight suits for example), Craig Bond's style has been pretty timeless and ageless. Almost anyone at any age can wear things like polo shirts, Barbour jackets, shawl collar cardigans, chukkas, henleys, corduroy trousers, etc. If they keep the same aesthetic for future films (leaning into his casual looks), I don't see any reason why Bond style would be any less an inspiration.

    On the other hand, I think this Bond came to the screen at a very unique time: the rise of social media and the whole #menswear movement. And Craig became a source of style inspiration himself, outside of Bond. So I guess a legitimate question is: will people be as interested in the style of a Bond that isn't played by Craig? I mean, there's not a lot of "What's Pierce Wearing" Instagram accounts out there 😁

    I think if the next Bond can capture some of that same lightning in a bottle (being not only a stylish 007 but also a stylish actor men want to dress like) then the collecting will continue at a similar pace.

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    I'm with you Cheverian.

    I'm the same age as DC bar 3 days. And associated with his style. Both 007 and his own.

    Whoever is the next 007 I am guessing I won't have same link.

    Anyway with 5 films worth of clothing (basically all of it) and Covid meaning not wearing some recent bits much. I think I'm well set for the remainder of my time tbh.

    It's such timeless style and high quality too.

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    With you as well on this one. Its a very good point and something I have been mulling over...in fact I have barely bought anything featured in NTTD (just the R&B Henley). I know you should not care what others think and dress for yourself and as you wish etc etc but there is an element to it where the last thing I want is for someone to go "look at that guy there who thinks he is cool like James Bond as he's wearing the same clothing but he needs a reality check!". I think quite a bit of the gloss and excitement of it all has disappeared with the latest movie, and maybe compounded the overall flat feeling. Maybe things will change in time, who knows but at the moment I'm done with it.

  • NorchaNorcha Posts: 140MI6 Agent

    Best discussion in a while.

    I can only second what’s been said.

    But similar like Sunny01,haven’t bought anything from NTTD, except POW suit.And while DC is my favorite Bond(probably will remain as my favorite,doesn’t matter who takes it over)

    Skyfall was point in my life when I bought absolutely everything from film, as QOS was gone opportunity at the time. Then when Spectre came out I bought few things,few sold afterwards.With time I just realized I don’t want to copy anyone, but rather just get inspiration and Bond gives some great style lessons to take from. NTTD definitely wasn’t inspiring for collecting clothes for me.

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    Depends if I like the clothing! It sounds like I'm quite a bit younger than everyone else (early-mid 20s). A lot of the things I liked most were the outerwear. I love the suits and the softer tailoring in NTTD is nice, but it doesn't really suit my lifestyle.

    I do hope I like the direction they go in, but it probably won't be the same without DC.

    This got me thinking. The other Bonds do have casual clothing and a lot of it was nice (toweling polo for instance). If the internet existed then I wonder if that stuff would have taken off a lot more. I'm guessing yes. I feel like I have this image that pre-Craig they were in suits all the time, but they weren't. I was surprised when I watched all of them this year. I hadn't seen any of the first 20 in years. Maybe other people think this way too?

  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,845MI6 Agent

    It’s a question that’s impossible to answer until we see it.

  • Charmed & DangerousCharmed & Dangerous Posts: 7,286MI6 Agent

    I started collecting Bond clothing with T&A's ties and shirts from TND back in '97, followed with those from TWINE and DAD, as well as similar versions to his Pierce's suits. I've bought some of the pieces from DC's tenure which I've liked, such as the Skyfall lodge ensemble and pieces from QoS and Spectre, but nothing so far from NTTD. It would need to be a piece I really like and would wear, but wouldn't hesitate if it fits the bill.

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  • Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,544MI6 Agent

    I’m still collecting Bond clothing years after the Bonds I most want to dress like have left the role. I’m always going to want Sean Connery’s suits and Roger Moore’s shirts. I’m still a long way from getting everything I want. For those who like Craig’s style, you can always dress like Craig’s Bond whether or not he’s Bond.

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    So are you dressing up in 70s and 80s clothing or are you collecting? Just kidding BTW 😁

  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 287MI6 Agent
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    "look at that guy there who thinks he is cool like James Bond as he's wearing the same clothing but he needs a reality check!".

    Has that ever actually happened to most people? I have a lot of the jackets / clothing etc and get lots of ‘ohhh love that jacket / suit’ type compliments - but none them are ever directly related to Bond. The only time that ever happened was at a Bond themed works Christmas party, at the time of Spectre, where I opted for the Ivory tux jacket and a red carnation! 😀 Oh and once at Secret Cinema Casino Royale where I had my talamone cardigan on - but I think that individual may have been a member here given his knowing, friendly wink. 😀

    Unless you go full N Peal tactical, I don’t think most people would be able to spot a Menlo or a JV or an RGT or a MA duster or C&J Moultons or even a TF suit and go ‘"look at that guy there who thinks he is cool like James Bond as he's wearing the same clothing but he needs a reality check!".

    Now, when I recently bought my Aston Martin DBS, that was a totally different matter! 🤣

    Regarding the original point I, like a lot of us here by the sounds of it, am of the same vintage as DC and have found a lot of his style works for me, at a time in my life where I had a little more spare cash to lavish on my wardrobe, rather than other essentials, and this thing called the interweb made it possible to do that.

    I’ve also discovered great brands that I probably wouldn’t have heard of without Bond and I love the fact I have T&A shirts in my wardrobe because of their Bond association - but nobody else knows that.

    I think the key for me is in one word in the title of the post. I don’t ‘collect’, I very much ‘buy to wear’. The only Bond items I bought but have never worn were the 3 x TF Skyfall ties and that was purely because my job changed and I joined a firm where they barely wear jackets, never mind a suit and tie!!

    I think I’ll keep doing that if something catches my eye in the new films and I think it works for me personally 🙂

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  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 287MI6 Agent

    It does look like DC left at a good time though! Can’t see me wearing any of this! 😉


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  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 2,095MI6 Agent

    This is a great thread @Cheverian Thanks for starting.

    Excellent responses from all!

    It does feel like the end of an era in more ways than one but as @Matt S so rightly points out, there were other stylish Bonds before DC's incarnation and beautiful pieces in every Bond's wardrobe, worthy of inclusion in any Gentleman's wardrobe. The inspired by collections from N Peal and Orlebar Brown from each Bond's tenure have only highlighted and proven how popular Bond's wardrobe was and still is before DC's films and style kicked in.

    With brands like N Peal and Orlebar Brown (both stylish and timeless) having a vested interest in being associated with the franchise, I can't imagine they'll have no wish to be involved going forward. But other companies have fallen off the radar such as Sunspel, and a lot will have to do with the costume designer for the next film. That person may have their own personal favourite brands and designers they wish to utilise, and if said brands and designers are willing to stump up the cash to EON, then they would probably be welcomed with open arms. But I think it would be safe to say they will still be stylish, well made, luxurious items.

    So many ifs and buts. The franchise may of course go for a hard reboot with a young, rough around the edges Bond, so it may not be appropriate for him to be dressed in designer, luxury brands? They may go down the route of a bland, non descript wardrobe, a la Jason Bourne and I think anyone of any age could wear his clothes. Jeans and t-shirt, jeans and jumper, black or brown boots. A lot will probably depend on how invested we feel with the new actor and the franchise's direction, going forward.

    There are still so many items I would like in my wardrobe from every Bond actor's tenure, so for me Bond's style will never be far from my own in regards inspiration and desire.

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  • OrnithologistOrnithologist BerlinPosts: 500MI6 Agent

    Well, if the next Bond is a woman, it will be a big change to our wardrobe 😅

    In all seriousness though, at this point it has become a hobby for me, all of the "detective work" starting with the earliest promotional shots, discussing with you guys, long before the items actually appear on screen, looking for frugal alternatives... and the happiness when a parcel from Royale Filmwear is finally picked up from the customs office... I do hope this will go on a while.

    That being said, even though I'm 20 years younger than Craig, at the speed they're currently making the movies I'm not sure how much there will be to collect before my own retirement...

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  • CajunCajun Posts: 352MI6 Agent

    Great thread and I suspect some of us have been thinking about this since before the confirmation of DC's last outing as 007.

    CraigBond's wardrobe is my favorite due to the timelessness and versatility of most pieces. His Bond is the only one I've taken personal style cues from. I have a closet full of DC screen inspiration so I'm comfortable being done. I was late to the clothing game and have had a blast hunting for both name brands and alternatives (thanks canoe!) in the last few years. A side benefit is additional motivation in my fitness program.

    Honestly, NTTD has galvanized my apathy toward the franchise's future. At this point in my life with 25 movies to enjoy, I'm comfortable with that too.

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  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 433MI6 Agent

    What will be interesting is seeing if we're still focused on what DC will be wearing etc post Bond.

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  • triple seventriple seven Posts: 41MI6 Agent

    I think it's important to have your own sense of style. If you do, there's nothing wrong with wearing something that's been in a movie, it's another matter altogether though, if you feel lost and don't know what to do or wear now that you don't have someone specific to emulate.

    What will really bake your noodle later though...is what clothing items and brands from future seasons WOULD the craig/Bond wardrobe crew have picked out if they had decided to continue to make more films with Craig in it. Have fun with that one.

  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 287MI6 Agent

    ”…what clothing items and brands from future seasons WOULD the craig/Bond wardrobe crew have picked out if they had decided to continue to make more films with Craig in it.”

    Yes. Considerably.
  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,265MI6 Agent

    Only once has anyone ever recognised an item of clothing on me as being Bond, but that didn't really count because I was queuing for a Bond event at the time and it was clearly a kindred spirit! I do get compliments on some of my Bond items quite frequently, most notably the Varvatos jacket and my C&J Islay boots. I have been called "Bond" in jest a few times, but I believe it's got more to do with me having an English accent than the way I dress or anything else...except when I wear a tuxedo with a stuffed seagull on my head or kill people, of course.

  • FerinstalFerinstal North of Londinium...Posts: 287MI6 Agent

    From @The Red Kind

    ‘…a lot will have to do with the costume designer for the next film. That person may have their own personal favourite brands and designers they wish to utilise…’

    Or even whoever they choose as their next Bond? Wasn’t it DC’s love of Massimo Alba that got their products in? They paid no EON fee for placement - as shown by the fact that Tom Ford, apparently, threatened them with all sorts of legal action when they started marketing ‘The Bond suit’ etc. However, if you look at the amount of screen time the respective brands got, MA clearly got the better deal.

    I guess a lot will depend on how much clout the new Bond will have in bringing on clothing brands they personally like.

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  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,620MI6 Agent

    Will I continue to collect Bond clothing after NTTD? Sure, if it interests me and is suitable for where I live.

    I have an ever growing film and television clothing collection. The Bond/DC items are just a part of it.

  • walther p99walther p99 NJPosts: 3,407MI6 Agent

    No doubt there will likely be a continued interest in Daniel Craig's clothing in his now post Bond career. But I think fifteen years is enough time to be so hyper-focused on one actor. It often feels like we've exhausted every avenue of discussion regarding the man's style and clothes. I'm ready for another actor to be put under the sartorial microscope now.

  • Cg23Cg23 Posts: 117MI6 Agent
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    I could be wrong but I tend to believe DC earned the right in a way to get more involved with the wardrobe process over time with his tenure as Bond. Can’t imagine him calling the shots more or less right when he was casted for Casino. Obviously he had input but I think that grew over time as did his fashion sense.

    I believe with the new actor it may be the same depending on how many he’s signed on for. At the beginning he’ll have minor input to what luxury items he likes/looks good in, but for the most part will be wardrobe dept and then as he grows into the part he will have more and more. OR that coulda just been a DC thing bc lets face it the guy knows clothes. I feel confident either way bc the past 5 movies wardrobe has been solid regardless of the amount of input.

  • writingsonthewallwritingsonthewall SpainPosts: 341MI6 Agent

    Yeah, if they cast a relative newcomer they will undoubtedly listen to him, but he'll lack the muscle to force his preferences into the character. At the beginning, at least.

    I think we'll go back to a more traditional Bond, with a modern twist, and despite the fact that this'll be the first Bond younger than me, if the style keeps being as timeless as possible and I can pull the look, I'll keep buying certain items or using the outfits as an inspiration for my office and/or casual looks, depending on the occasion.

    Guess we'll see, of course, but I'm not swearing off Bond despite this "end of an era" mood we're currently experiencing.

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  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,269MI6 Agent

    Yes that’s true: he was still wearing a lot of Brioni and hangovers from the Pierce days to start with, wasn’t he?

  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 433MI6 Agent

    I love that Bond films have introduced me to brands I’ve not heard of. Sometimes at great cost. Who would have thought that a few seconds swimming scene would end up with me buying 60+ items of OB clobber 😱😂

    I don’t always buy SA colours. For example I’ve bought the RGT Supply jacket in Grey wax and denim and the Rag and Bone Henley in black. Where do we draw the line? The Jamaica scenes with the OB grey T-shirt and unidentified blue shorts can easily be replicated by a tatty old T-shirt and any blue shorts. Why do we have to buy the SA items? Do we think in doing so that we become Bond?

    Yes. Considerably!

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  • -_Quantum_--_Quantum_- Posts: 97MI6 Agent

    Growing up with Daniel Craig as my generation's Bond, I think DC definitely inspired many of my wardrobe choices going into the working world and for getting into shape. There are a lot of iconic pieces that he used in the movie but I would say are timeless overall. As mentioned previously in this thread, I don't think many people would come up to you saying, "Oh you're wearing the "Tom Ford Spectre PTS Blue Check Suit" on the street. Heck, I doubt many people would know it's Tom Ford since it doesn't have the signature peak lapels. It would just be a nice suit. I also like that it is obnoxious or over the top to where many of the outfit choices would draw attention to yourself.

    The new Bond would be closer to my current age and who knows what wardrobe/fashion would be chosen for the new Bond. I think it's a wild card. Craig's Bond showed me many different brands that are outside of your standard mall and with the internet widely more available now than say in 2006 or earlier, it's been easy than ever to put together a very nice and cohesive wardrobe. There are brands that are hard to reach for many people such as Tom Ford or Brunello Cucinelli, however, there are slightly more down-to-earth brands like Sunspel, N. Peal, Levi's, Billy Reid, etc.

    I think at this point in my life I don't need too many more articles of clothes... How many jackets/coats can one wear? I guess that answer is debatable. Lately, I've been buying pieces from the brands I enjoy from Craig's tenture rather than the specific items worn in the films. I think the majority of my items are from Spectre/Skyfall. I wasn't a huge fan of the NTTD wardrobe and the tactical items at the end are impractical to wear in almost any occasion.

    We'll see what the future holds, it's been quite the run and definitely sad to see it end.

  • Dmitri MishkinDmitri Mishkin Kansas CityPosts: 333MI6 Agent

    I thought a lot about this prior to the release of NTTD, my conclusion is that I will still collect Pierce, Sean, and Roger era pieces if when I come across them so why not Daniel and the next iteration?

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,620MI6 Agent

    The polo would be fine if it wasn't buttoned up all the way. Wearing a polo like that just looks dorky.

  • frommeyerfrommeyer ChicagoPosts: 418MI6 Agent

    Like Westward, I collect film clothes more broadly than Bond (though Bond has been my main focus). The next Bond will almost certainly be around my age give or take a couple years. So I'd be shocked if this is the end of my Bond collecting journey. Especially as Bond is likely to wear fewer and fewer $5k suits and more affordable (relatively speaking) causal items? Yeah. I'll probably keep going.

    That might change once Bond is younger than I am tho. Same reason I don't dress like TikTok'ers -- despite actually digging some of their styles -- I gotta stick with what's appropriate for me.

  • kaddkadd Posts: 901MI6 Agent

    Curious if this is a style worn in the US at all?

    As an Aussie living in London, I only noticed this style of buttoning a polo all the way up in the UK. It’s quite common here.

    It’s not a look I like or do myself. But very normal here.

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