If you could have any one thing you want for Bond 26?

ClassicBondFanClassicBondFan Posts: 11MI6 Agent

Let’s say, in some alternate universe fantasy, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson somehow reached out to you, they told you that you could have one thing (and thing only) in Bond 26, but they’ll absolutely give it to you, 100% set in stone, what would you ask for?

I would ask for a restoration of a proper gunbarrel sequence like what we got from 1962-2002 (minus the flying bullet in Die Another Day). I want the gunbarrel at the beginning of the movie, I want the actor to fire - gun hidden until he does, with blood coming down and I want it to zoom around and open the pretitle sequence like it used to.

I want the classic Bond formula back that they deviated so much from during the Craig era. I felt like Spectre and No Time To Die (no spoilers intended) gave us some classic Bond elements in both films. The reason Spectre is my favorite of Craig’s five films is because that film was the closest we got to the classic Bond formula, which includes a not perfect, but proper, gunbarrel.

What’s the one thing you all would ask for in Bond 26?


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