Guess the Prop Quiz - Holiday 2021/22

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Hello Gang!

Over a decade ago, back in 2010 we had a "Guess the prop 2010 Christmas Quiz", where members posted cropped pictures of props, gadgets, replicas, screen used items or screen captures of items/props.

And then others tried to guess what prop was in question. I think it was Ed The Spyboy who created the quiz in the first place and if memory serves, we had few sequels of it too.

Trying to keep the tradition up here during the Holidays, so I'll challenge you to participate this fun and "light-hearted-game".

The idea of the quiz is simple, one member will post a picture of an item or a prop and others will try to identify it. The first member who identifies the prop/item in question, gets to pick his/hers prop to be identified by others etc.

To participate, you don't need to own the item as you can also crop pictures from screen captures.

Remember to crop the images and save the original content for the reveal. You can also give hints to others and it's most welcome, so the quiz goes on smoothly. Have fun and enjoy!

I'll start with the first one:


This picture is a part of a device which was introduced to the worldwide audience in 1981, but seen in a Bond movie years later. What prop/item and what movie?

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