Tom Ford QoS Kazan Scarf Interest Project



  • QuantumofSolangeQuantumofSolange UKPosts: 133MI6 Agent

    I’m loving my QoS ties so if this project is green lit then count me in too!

    1) 007JBDCMWR

    2) MikeG77

    3) GaryD_007

    4) JET007

    5) Dr_Madeleine_Swann

    6) Othertravel

    7) JD

    8) Nalliac

    9) RBH

    10) Aussiebondguy

    11) asd007

    12) JD_007

    13) km1fdm

    14) Arno075

    15) TF

    16) Billy Phill

    17) AKV

    18) danlovescars.

    19) Royale-les-Eaux

    20) cyclones122

    21) JettVett.

    22) Omega Bond Watches

    23) DBS

    24) Cederic0011

    25) writingsonthewall

    26) QuantumofSolange

    Yes but my martini's still dry.
  • GaryD_007GaryD_007 Near the Bonnie BanksPosts: 579MI6 Agent

    I know it's not a go-er - at least for now anyway - but I hope that one day this project goes ahead with the good people at TF.

    I also appreciate that we've been most fortunate thus far with Luigi and contributers to the previous projects; particularly Mark.

    Anyway... Fingers crossed!

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