James Bond 60th Anniversary

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It’s been very quiet on the 60th anniversary year celebration on here, have we got a post? (unless I’m blind) unless of course you’re all waiting till October?

                                     So,  is anyone planning on doing anything big to celebrate?

I’ve just commissioned some poker chips, they’ll be on Ebay soon!

I see we have a logo and the 007 store has a page dedicated to it.


and I’ve lifted this off the web

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of the James Bond franchise’s debut in theaters, with October 5th being the day that Dr. No introduced us all to Sean Connery’s 007 for the first time. It’s a cause for celebration, as one of the longest-running series in movie history has just closed out another epic milestone thanks to Daniel Craig’s  No Time to Die concluding his historic run. As the 60th anniversary draws closer, some new details have revealed part of how fans can expect to celebrate; and the results are music to one's ears and eyes.

A Brand New Documentary Will Cover The Music Of 007

Fresh off of the partnership between EON Productions and Apple TV+ that previously gave us free access to the documentary Being James Bond: The Daniel Craig Story, a new documentary has been announced. This time, The Music of 007 is going to focus on the more melodic side of this storied franchise, running through the entire history of musical espionage. Per the official James Bond twitter feed, the special was announced as follows:

" I think…well, we’re planning to do something with the music for the 60th. So watch this space."

Full link here


I’m sure we will be getting something off Mr Zaritsky or Calvin at some point !?? !

(no money left now...send food parcels)


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    if you don't mind me saying this but it really is sad that Dear Sir Sean and Sir Roger are no longer around to see and be part of the James Bond 60th Anniversary Celebrations although I'm sure we'll all be watching the DVDs, Blu Rays etc and remembering both for what they did for the Franchise.

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    I'd like a vinyl soundtrack to be released to deal with the music, not just the one already which deals with just the title songs, the last lot I can go without. Really of course I'd like a follow up to the excellent 1972 double LP The James Bond Collection.

    Not sure about getting the DVDs because I was holding out for the 5K versions - but another thread talked me out of this. May just buy the BluRays - or would the 5K ones be better? Or will that mess things up if the TV is not OLED or 4K?

    Will be checking out some of the films at the Prince Charles cinema in London, amazed to see there are even some takers for Casino Royale 67! Shame the London Covent Garden Bond cars museum isn't still going, but tbf I never went to it when it was on, so... May visit Duke's in London for a Vesper Martini....

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

    Roger Moore 1927-2017
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    Casino Royale (the "funny" version) probably looks really good on the big screen

    anybody know if theyre showing the old good films on any cinema screens in Toronto?

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    I have previous with the Prince Charles... I am secretly hoping the BFI might run a season in October, but that's usually when the LFF is on, so I'll have to cross fingers.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,551MI6 Agent

    I haven't looked, to be honest, however, the TIFF Lightbox often have series of older films so it's definitely worth taking a look at their website schedule and also subscribing to their email newsletter. Pre-Covid, Cineplex would also regularly show older films so it's worth keeping an eye on their website too. I'm pretty sure that they've stuck the occasional Bond film in their retro line-up in the past.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,394MI6 Agent

    thanks @The Domino Effect I've got to pay more attention! TIFF schedules a good idea, I wonder if any of the remaining repertory theaters might show a BondFilm?

    I know I missed North by NorthWest a couple years back. trouble is these events are usually one night only. and The Ipcress File was scheduled to be at that theatre on Roncesvalles but got cancelled because of covid.

  • The Domino EffectThe Domino Effect Posts: 3,551MI6 Agent

    Even when the Bond exhibition was at TIFF, most of the Bond films they screened were only shown once or twice, and some of them during the day. I managed to see a couple that I hadn't seen on the big screen before, but I was disappointed that I couldn't see all of the Connery films, for example.

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    Nice to see David is on the ball, he must have heard me !


    Chips had good opening weekend sales, none gone to the states yet but Matt S (my poker chip brother) put your money away, yours are ready to ship over free of charge. I’m only listing when the ebay sellers fee offer is on though, surprised how many of the 50th ones went out as well.

    Hopefully we’ll get more ideas as October rolls on and we see screenings and celebrations up and running.

    (no money left now...send food parcels)
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