Raucous laughter

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Listening to the fade out on 'Where Has Everybody Gone?' I can't help thinking that Chrissie Hynde's raucous laughter, rock-chick style, channels May Day, who in AVTAK laughs in a similar fashion having escaped Bond in Paris and joined Zorin. Actually, TLD could have used a diva character like that, to counter the drippy Kara. The CIA agents Ava and Liz, soliciting Dalton from their car, are briefly in the right attitudinal space but they're peripheral.

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    Good observation. I would say Koskov was the diva. The character could have just as easily have been a woman. While a woman in that position might have been a little unusual for the times, Elsa in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade only two years later shares a few similarities.

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