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  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,771MI6 Agent

    I assume that there will be a few people on the current t list who will have dropped out. My other concern is that once a price is announced we may lose more people but I am hoping everyone will still be up for this project!

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    1. 007JBDCMWR
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    11. GS
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    14. 006
    15. RBH
    16. MikeG77 (interested in 2 depending on price)
    17. CAH
    18. Matt B
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    20. asd007
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  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,516MI6 Agent

    Morning all

    I've spoken to Luigi and sounds as if they are still in shock re Tom Fords total departure.

    They are expecting the new structure / roles / individuals in place by May.

    Maybe then we can see if "Projects" will be considered.

    Tbh who knows,we were ver lucky with our TF connection as most of these size companies really don't care.

    But I will stay close to Luigi and do my best to keep / re-instate the links


    Skewered, one sympathises...

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  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,771MI6 Agent

    I hope that Luigi will still be involved and that they continue the projects going forward especially the polo, scarf and harrington. In regards to Tom Ford leaving his brand I am not surprised especially after his husband passed away. He has a young son so he probably wants to spend more time with him.

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  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,450MI6 Agent

    Probably not the thread for this but with Ford out of the picture you have to wonder who will do the suiting for Bond 26. It's possible Lauder may value the 007 connection for its "Tom Ford" brand more than Ford himself did. What happens with this project in the coming months may give us a hint of what is to come.

  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,292MI6 Agent

    I think the 007 association with TF was probably done regardless anyhow with DC finished as Bond

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  • jonathanpinfieldjonathanpinfield Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    I'd like to be added to the list, it would be good if we could get above the magic "50" number, so as a group we're in position to order and pay for the polo shirts if the project goes ahead. I appreciate that with the re-structuring at Tom Ford this might not happen, but hope springs eternal!

  • 007JBDCMWR007JBDCMWR Posts: 2,516MI6 Agent
    edited May 2023

    Hi all

    I've kept in regular contact with Luigi and exchange messages regularly. The Tom Ford takeover and internal wranglings are still ongoing with high level changes still and looking likely to continue carrying on

    To this end there is presently no way of even broaching special projects.

    From Luigi -

    "Many changes will hit us soon. 

    For the moment that project is not discussed and not easy to discuss soon"

    My honest view is it's likely they won't happen again and we should be grateful for the amazing assistance we received on Tie / Harrington projects.

    I will keep in touch with Luigi though and if we ever get a different appetite I will update the thread.



    Skewered, one sympathises...

    1. CR. 2. TSWLM. 3. LTK. 4. GF. 5. SF.
  • MikeG77MikeG77 Posts: 1,771MI6 Agent

    That is a real shame as it's not like they're aren't making money off of these projects but hopefully they'll be more receptive in the future.

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  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 820MI6 Agent

    Obviously sad and never say never, etc, but also seems an appropriate time to reiterate thank you to everyone who invested not insignificant time and resource into making these projects happen at all. The results have and continue to bring me a great deal of joy. Thank you🍸️

  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,292MI6 Agent


    We certainly had a great run on these projects.

    The polo would of been great but amongst the unique ties and amazing Harrington it was the lowest priority for me since we have the Sunspels.

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  • 006006 Posts: 258MI6 Agent

    Thanks for the update Mark!

    We kind of forget that Tom Ford is a major luxury brand that has gone above and beyond to help us, in comparison to other companies (both large and small) who have dismissed us, and Luigi is an eternal friend of many of us for his efforts.

    Agree with Welshboy that the Polo is as it is, a Sunspel Riviera is a great alternative and a Bond brand.

    Thank you again Mark for all of your hard work on the most recent projects, these aren't easy, and your patience has been brilliant.

    We've had a great run and thank you to everyone who has participated in all of these projects


    For England James?

  • noimpression723noimpression723 Posts: 16MI6 Agent

    Just sayin’.. check out the John Smedley Noah Polo, it’s remarkably close to Spectre TF one

  • RichardCard82RichardCard82 Posts: 292MI6 Agent
    edited November 2023

    I have the Tom Ford polo from Spectre, found on eBay for $1000, I had originally said it was the QoS but I confused them both. My mistake

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