Am I the only one.....?

Hi guys I've got to ask, am I the only one who is finding the intense hype regarding the search for the next James Bond Actor a little much? I've never known the intensity even in the media like this with Dalton, Brosnan or Craig as I wasn't born when Connery, Lazenby or Moore were selected. Even the speculation of past searches hasn't been as intense as this - has it?


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    I remember it being really, really intense with the retirement of Moore. Everyone wanted Brosnan and he was hyped to the nth degree...and when that fell apart and we got Dalton, it was incredibly deflating.

    Personally, I bet we're in for a similar situation where everyone feels deflated by the choice. You can't please everyone but you also run the risk of pleasing NO one...I think we're in for the latter result.

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    I haven’t noticed anything unusual. If anything, interest seems to be lower.

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    I’m with you on that…there is very little going on…that we hear about anyway…

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    Craig was Bond so long it was a different world when he was cast.

    social media was a thing in 2006 but only just barely. facebook and such were very new.

    as well as this forum where people post daily about this matter, there are things like my Yahoo Mail home page, where I always see articles on the same topic even though I never read them. why? the Yahoo algorithms that track what other pages I'm looking at (i.e. this one) then suggest news sources that will be of probable interest, statistically speaking. Same reason internet users are led to news stories that confirm their political biases, those same social media algorithms which notoriously perpetuate closed echo chambers. And I don't remember these algorithms being talked about at all in 2006.

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    I think it might be because everyone is expecting the next phase Bond to bring something different or unexpected to the table, or it could also be because of changes over the years the image of Bond can change completely , for example Bond could be black for the first time or a woman.

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    I can't really speak about anything other than the casting for CR, and what've seen after NTTD is nothing compared to that. I think this is the quiet before the storm.

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    All I'm seeing is the usual Internet stuff--"Oddsmakers are giving Candidate X the best chance of being the next 007!"--which amounts to nothing. In fact, Raymond Benson responded to one of those posts, saying something like it's all up to Eon--they don't follow the odds--and they're not even ready to start up a new film.

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