SPOILERS NTTT is a bad knockoff of ohmss

I can never forgive Eon for making a knockoff ohmss,lock stock and the Louis Armstrong song. Especially a movie as special as ohmss.


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    the straight recycling of the Louis Armstrong was especially cheap, they'd never recycled original recordings of their old music before except for a couple repetitions of the Dr No James Bond theme. They should've come up with a new song that was equally poignant. but I guess the best they could manage was Billie Eilish's song and that wasn't going to do the trick.

    I always feel whenever any film uses an old song to tell the story that its a narrative cheat, a way out of actually evoking emotions through filmmaking and instead exploiting the emotions a listener has for a beloved song and saying "now attach those emotions to this story". That definitely includes all those mixtape soundtrack movies like Forest Gump or the Big Chill. Its like when a hiphop song sounds really good, because of the sample they've used for the hook, but aside from the sample there's nothing of interest in the original content.

    but @John from Cork aside from the song, what else in the new film do you think is repeating elements of OHMSS? "lock stock and..." implies its 100% repetition

    do you feel the same when other Bond film repeat elements from earlier entries in the series?

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    I can’t see anything similar in the story to OHMSS at all. It’s just the song and musical que here and there.

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