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My name is Josh, I'm completely new on this discussion forums, I just joined time after I watched No Time to Die. I'm from Kent, UK.


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    Welcome to the party! We've got martinis over there (look for the wetbar) and some pizza rolls are in the oven.


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    excellent! we need new voices, please dive right in and shake us up

    since you just watched the new film, we have a No Time to Die (spoilers) review thread that needs your input

    and we have a Last Bond Film You Watched thread for discussing whichever other Bond film you just watched, always good discussions in there

    and I encourage you to search round and bump any old thread that you feel deserves more discussion

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    Welcome! Please feel free to introduce yourself here- Welcome & Comings & Goings - Page 87 — ajb007

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    Thanks you three for the warm welcome!

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