Dynamite Announce New James Bond Comic Series '007'

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James Bond Tangled in Conspiracy in New Comic Series From Bestselling Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Dynamite announces 007, a brand new James Bond comic series by critically acclaimed writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson (Action Comics, Alien, The Last God) and artist Marco Finnegan, debuting this August.

The most famous spy in fiction returns to heat up the summer comics season with a thrilling tale of double agents, assassins, old flames, and heaps of intrigue. James Bond finds himself outplayed with a metaphorical bad hand on a Russian excursion, forced to eliminate an asset he was meant to extract. A shootout with his enemy counterparts leaves Bond with more questions than answers... questions about their American accents, their bleeding-edge technology, and most importantly, how they seem to know so much about him.

Abandoned by his superiors, facing suspension at MI6, and questioning his waning sense of duty, 007 gets an urgent message from former 00 agent Gwendolyn Gann, a mentor and old flame from his earliest days. Gann's gotten back in the spy game, and needs Bond's help... but will Bond make it on time? And what are her ties to the mysteruous new player known only as Myrmidon?

“Contributing to the generations-long saga of James Bond is a great honor and a ton of fun,” said Phillip Kennedy Johnson. “Marco and I are going to give readers all the things that make them love Bond—the action and physicality, the tech, the sense of style, the inherent coolness in Bond’s every word and action—but we’re also bringing some things they haven’t seen before. We’ve seen plenty of Special Agent James Bond, but we don’t often see much SPYCRAFT in what he does. That’s an element that sometimes gets lost, and I want to bring it back without giving up the car chases or bone-crunching action. We’re also introducing some characters that I’m SUPER excited for readers to meet… characters who put some intriguing new spins on readers’ expectations.”

The new series, titled 007, takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through the high stakes world of intelligence and espionage, with a healthy dash of breakneck action. Johnson brings back fan-favorite characters while also introducing a whole new cast, keeping readers guessing about their motives and loyalties. Gwen Gann is a new "Bond girl," with a storied past, a quick wit, and skills to rival Bond's own. Of course there's a new big bad as well, but that would be a bit of a spoiler...

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    It's interesting! Thanks @Red_Snow also saw your post of this in MI6Community.

    Hopefully it's a good one.

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    John Hamm vibes in that particular likeness of 007.

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    Really glad the series is continuing. Hoping that this story is a good one, I have been missing this series badly.

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    PKJ is an excellent writer (currently telling great Superman stories at Action Comics, as well as the Alien comic at Marvel). Can't wait to see what he comes up with for our beloved character. Will definitely pick up the hardcover.

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    PKJ confirms that there will be at least six issues, and that he was inspired by John le Carré and Ed Brubaker’s Velvet comics.

    His favourite novel is Forever And A Day and his favourite film is Casino Royale.

    James Bond Australia - Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

    Bond on the Box - Website | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | LetterBoxd | YouTube
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    Got my copy of the first issue of 007 today and it was a real blast to read. The artwork by Marco Finnegan is really stunning as well, some of the best art I have seen yet in the series. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone here that is reading it, so I will not be going into specifics. I will say that the opening really grabs your attention and what follows is exciting.

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