Magnoli Hamburg tie - does anyone have it?

Has anyone the Tomorrow Never Dies 'Hamburg' tie Magnoli?

I'm trying to ascertain if it really is as red as is shown on Magnoli's site, as opposed to the original T&A tie (image attached) which has far more of a golden hue to the copper.


  • FirstFormulaFirstFormula Posts: 15MI6 Agent

    Evening, I have both.

    The Magnoli tie is a tiny, tiny bit darker than the T&A tie, but there isn’t very much in it at all to my eyes. I don’t think you’d have a negative reaction if you bought the Magnoli.

  • lippelippe Posts: 134MI6 Agent

    Wonderful that you have both to give feedback from. I'll get the Magnoli then; T&A customer service has been dire in coming back to me about their tie stock availability.

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