Could anyone explain please……

Unknown007Unknown007 Posts: 186MI6 Agent

Was there an in joke at the start of A View To A Kill with the Beach Boys’ California Girls Song playing?


  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 2,926MI6 Agent

    Not the Beach Boys singing. That would have cost money. It was just a joke likening snowboarding to surfing. It was a cheap laugh. It did get laughs when I saw it in 1985, but it destroyed any tension in the pre title sequence.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,775MI6 Agent

    When you say 'in-joke', how do you mean?

  • superadosuperado Regent's Park West (CaliforniaPosts: 2,622MI6 Agent

    Snowboarding was such a novelty in 1985 vs. skiing, which I’m sure was why the filmmakers decided to use it in a Bond movie and personally, it struck that appeal and briefly playing a surf anthem like California Girls was fitting esp. in a Roger Moore Bond movie (like the Lawrence of Arabia theme in TSWLM and the Magnificent Seven theme in MR). I remember during that period sitting on a ski lift and whenever the occasional snowboarder went by below, girls whom we called “snow bunnies” also riding the lift would mockingly sound off the Hawaii-Five-0 theme, not realizing that in the near future snowboarding would become the winter activity of choice among the youth.

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