Bond's death...wasn't he already dying from gunshot wounds?



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    So in your opinion, after how long should the threads be without the spoiler tag then?

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    @AugustWalker , I think that discussion should be in the thread I linked to above rather than here, thanks.

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    If I have a problem with Bond's death - and, really, I don't care either way - is that his death is not a sacrifice because he was going to die from the gunshot wound within the next few minutes anyway.

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    My two cents of over analysis on Bond’s gunshot wounds:


    Unless I am mistaken, Safin shoots at Bond 7 times. Let’s assume each shot hits Bond.

    Bond is certainly limping after he kills Safin so one bullet must have hit one of his legs. Once Bond is on top of the tower, we can see the other spots where Bond was shot.

    He seems to have one blood mark on his right arm and two on his left arm. He also seems to have a slight blood stain on his left neck/shoulder but chances are this is a flesh wound since this spot does not have much blood.

    So that makes 5 hits so far. None of these I would argue are critical hits so I think based on the articles I have read online, a typical person could survive these without receiving immediate medical treatment provided that is not that much blood loss and no veins or arteries have been hit.

    Bond does have a slightly large blood sport on his left lower middle back and a huge blood stain on his lower right torso. I would say that these two hits are possibly critical hits and Bond would likely need urgent medical attention to survive these hits (but not completely impossible to survive without doing so). Now, he does pick up Mathilde’s Dou Dou bunny toy which he puts over the larger wound so it could be possible that there might be enough pressure there to stop the excessive bleeding. I fully admit I am not a medical doctor but it would be interesting to get an expert to share some light on the extent and likelihood of surviving these injuries.

    I would argue it would be very unlikely but still not completely impossible for Bond to survive these injuries without getting immediate medical treatment. So the fact that even though he sustained many gunshot wounds he could still survive.

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    "Very unlikely but still not completely impossible" sounds very like Fleming's words "improbable but not impossible". He would survive those.

    Good analysis of Bond's wounds (I'm not a medical doctor either but I was a registered nurse).

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    I do wonder if we have all missed an important aspect of Bond’s mentality. Maybe, just maybe, he never wanted to be a father figure for Mathilde and/or the partner for Madeleine.

    Looking at the previous instances of when Bond got close to a woman, he never really let it get in the way of his line of work.

    When he lost his wife Tracy, he carried on staying in the service. He had some kind of deep relationship with Paris Carver but ditched her and remained in the secret service. He fell in love and lost Vesper but carried on in the secret service after finding her “boyfriend”.

    Is it just the case that Bond accepts that he has to stay in his profession as a secret agent who kills others and is never going to be in love with a woman and family for moral reasons?

    Bond is hasty enough to ditch Madeleine at the beginning of NTTD. When he sees her again, there don’t seem to be any romantic overtures between the two of them.

    When he meets her again in Norway she is initially hostile towards him. When Mathilde is revealed she immediately says that the girl is not hers preferring to keep her identity hidden. It’s not as if Madeleine says “Bond you’re alive! You’ve got a daughter to help bring up and pay child support for!”.

    Also take Bond. He doesn’t seem bothered that the status of Mathilde is never really confirmed until the very end. There is also the issue of why he simply doesn’t get in the boat with the two of them and why Naomi escorts them off the island instead. Surely Naomi could have finished the job on the island instead of Bond?

    I do wonder if Bond used the gunshot wounds and the poison as two reasons for him not to leave the island based on his own selfishness – putting his profession before his family life.

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    Interesting points @sinlum

    DC Bond's Mental Health was all over the place from the end of CR onwards. Who knows what was he was thinking..

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
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    I think that's a fair reading of his character, that may have been in there a little in his choice too, yeah.

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