Floris No. 007

Anyone tried this latest edition - https://www.florislondon.com/products/no-007-eau-de-parfum

I am guessing it may smell similar to Fleming's favourite No. 89, which to me is old fashioned and doesn't smell very pleasant on my skin.

But £200?? Ridiculous price.

I go for the Floris JF, which is much cheaper (smells like Creed Irish Tweed).


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    I’m not that keen on the scent of this one, it’s not really like No.89, and does smell fresher. It is an Eu de Parfum, which is usually twice as much as the Eu de Toilette in their range. That does account for much of the price. So you’re paying £40 for the privilege of Bond packaging. Like @Glidrose007 I much prefer JF in the EDT, and Jermyn St for day or Leather Oud for night in the EDP. Nice to see them get the 007 licence, I would have preferred something special done around #89 rather than a new scent. But we are talking film anniversary rather than literary.

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    i have asked for a tester which they have agreed to send me

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    Along with the rest of my body, my sense of smell has aged (and I like to think, refined). Where once not so long ago I found Floris a bit "old" and "boudoiry", I actually rather like its timeless, subtle, and sophisticated scent now. Floris has been in my top three for the past five years or so.

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    I’m with you, would have preferred something using No.89 as a base…I quite like No.89 and use it as my daily wear but was thinking of giving the Leather Oud a try.

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    I'm very curious to smell this one. I'm glad that for once an official 007 fragrance isn't a cheap drugstore perfume. I'm not into the 89, but I'm a big fan of Floris' Santal. I also like their Turnbull & Asser fragrance, but my wife does not, so it's one I wear when I'm out with the guys or shopping at Turnbull & Asser.

    Thanks @Glidrose007 for the recommendation of Floris JF. It's certainly one I'll have to try. I just ran out of a citrus scent that I've been wearing for the last 5 years, so maybe that one could replace it.

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    Where I live there are exactly zero places that sell Floris. Like, there are zero in the entire state. So, since I cannot give any of their fragrances a whiff to choose an option for myself, I opt for something else. I’m not against spending money on a good fragrance either.

    I wear Creed Aventus. It is my go-to for dates or at times I need to make a good impression. It is the best fragrance I’ve ever smelled. I am also a fan of their Virgin Island Waters Scent. It is easily my second favorite fragrance. If Aventus is #1 then Virgin Island Waters is #1B. I also have some Acqua di Gio for the other times.

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    I'm really curious to try this one.

    I wear Floris T&A 71/72, which I really like and is pretty long lasting. £140 is already pricey (IMO), so very difficult to justify £200 a bottle. I'm also a bit disappointed that they categorise it as not being a long lasting fragrance. The 71/72 easily lasts all day.

    I appreciate the tie in to the numbered fragrances so 'No.007' fits this nicely, but would anyone else have preferred something more discreet and imaginative? I get that they need to maximise the connection for marketing etc. But would something like 'Commander', 'James', 'Royale', 'Goldeneye', 'OHMSS', 'Blades', 'Orbis non Sufficit', or perhaps just 'No.60', to commemorate the anniversary. I'm just a tiny bit self conscious having a 007 bottle on display in my bathroom.

    Anyway, I'll have to pop into Floris when I'm next in the Smoke, to give it a go. If I love it, no doubt I'll be another £200 lighter, when I leave.

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