You've Had Your Sixty - Guest Announcement - Madleine Smith


We're delighted to confirm that iconic Bond girl - Madleine Smith will be joining us at - You've Had Your Sixty.

Madeline played an iconic role in Sir Roger Moore's debut Bond film - Live & Let Die, where she played the Italian agent "Miss Caruso". Bond puts his gadgets to perfect use when he unzips Miss Caruso's dress using his watch.

Madeline has some fantastic stories on set from this film and working alongside Sir Roger. Madeline also has appeared in an incredible amount of cult films including - Up Pompeii, Carry On Matron, The Amazing Mr. Blunden, her hammer horror films include: The Vampire Lovers, Taste The Blood Of Dracula, Tam-Lin, Theatre of Blood and Frankenstein and The Monster From Hell.

Madeline is a delightful lady with some amazing stories working with the industries greatest iconic actors and comedians.

If you want to meet and chat with Madeline, book your tickets today:

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