Bond 25 by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,597MI6 Agent

Has anyone else heard this one? I've listened to it on spotify, and the arrangements are fantastic. The arrangements through Diamonds Are Forever are mostly the same or similar to what the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra originally recorded on "The Concert John Barry" back in 1972. But has anyone else found the quality to be lacking? The performance either isn't all that tight, or there's too much reverb that gives the impression that not everyone is playing the notes exactly when they should.

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  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,224MI6 Agent

    Mine arrived from Amazon over the weekend. I saw this pop up in my "Amazon thinks you might like" link a few weeks ago for pre-order, I had actually completely forgotten that I had pre-ordered it Oct 2021! It was originally supposed to be released before Christmas last year, so not sure what happened there.

    I've not listened to it yet, saving it for when I can fully relax and appreciate it. Slightly concerned by the quality concerns you raise, although your last line did put me in mind of classic Eric Morecambe ;-D

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 36,651Chief of Staff

    😁 I love that sketch.

    I'm in no hurry to get this one, with so many similar releases before using the same arrangements. Maybe some day.

    Yes, the more recent themes haven't been heard in this way before but I can wait.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,768MI6 Agent

    I listened to it on Spotify if you want to hear it.

  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 36,651Chief of Staff

    Thanks, @emtiem , I took a listen. Hum preceded by ho.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,768MI6 Agent

    Yeah I wasn't that bothered either really; quite a few of them are barely altered from old arrangements we've heard before, some of the new ones are nice enough, and some are a bit odd (the weird Cowboy & Indians version of YKMN, the Disney-style All Time High).

    But to be honest I've kind of never seen the point of orchestrated versions of the songs. Just listen to the songs?

  • lotuslotus englandPosts: 292MI6 Agent

    not bothered to be honest,id sooner listen to the originals

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