The Bond Encyclopaedia- new youtube and instagram channel!

Hi guys!

I hope you are well. Bobbak Rabiei here 👋🏼

Inspired by the amazing events I had the privilege of attending last week celebrating 60 years of Bond and the amazing people I met (Sound of 007 concert, Rules restaurant, Club James Bond France cruise in Paris) - I have decided to set up my own “Bondian” youtube and instagram channel! Links are below 🙏🏻

My first video series I will provide for you all is a very important question thats pestered me since the end of No Time to Die

What 3 course meal was Q cooking when he was rudely interrupted by Bond and Miss Moneypenny? -With recipes!

My first video launch of this series will be on 15th of November! Please do follow, like and subscribe 🙏🏻

Thank you!

Instagram: bondencyclopaedia

Youtube channel:


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