Dame Shirley sings Goldfinger 2022

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    I was there, it was surprisingly great.

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    I just saw an item on Abbey Road Studios, on BBC2's 'Newsnight', in which Kirsty Wark interviewed Mary McCartney, Paul and Linda's daughter. According to her, Jimmy Page was a session musician on the recording of 'Goldfinger'.

    She also said that, at the recording, John Barry asked Shirley Bassey to hold the final note of that song for so long that Shirley collapsed on the floor. I wonder whether that's right? I'm aware of the stories that this was what happened to Tom Jones at the end of his performance of 'Thunderball', but I don't think I'd heard before that this was what had happened to Shirley Bassey as well...?

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    The story I've heard is that he did ask her to hold that last note longer, so she went behind a baffle and took off her bra to help her breathe much to the amusement of the musicians. No collapse involved.

    And yes, Jimmy Page was a session musician on the GF score. There's a thread where we discuss this and exactly where he can be heard. Since Vic Flick was also present, it isn't as simple as just hearing a guitar and assuming it's Page.

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