Question regarding the Q Flat scene.....

I watched this clip recently on You Tube and one thing I was puzzled at was when Bond and Moneypenny arrived and took over the Dinner, which of course left Q unhappy which he was entitled to be there was some mention of something called a Sandbox, does anyone know what is was? A Gadget maybe?


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    After his disastrous experience in SF, Q wanted to open the software brought to him by Bond and Moneypenny in a safe manner. "Sandbox" represents a safe area or method to do that.

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    in my work the term "sandbox" usually refers to a copy of a database users can experiment with, without breaking the real thing.

    I'm not sure thats what Q needs to do with this external drive Bond hands him. He needs to open it and see what data it contains without once again infecting the MI6 network drives and blowing up the building and causing trains to crash.

    how did Q keep his job after that incident? as others have noted recently, Craig-era MI6 seems to have some staffing problems, probably the pay is really poor compared to the private sector, this new Q is the only one who applied for the job

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    Sandbox in this context comes from the use of sandbags built up into a small box shape with an open top. These were used for opening letters that were suspected of being booby trapped and having IEDs in them. So if they did and they were activated, you could dive onto the floor and the explosion would be contained. You could find a sandbox in most embassies , Royal, military, and intelligence buildings, and even high profile celebrities with a large security team. These have mostly been superseded by X-ray machines and electronic detection devices. But the containment area is still known as a sandbox within these circles

    Opening packages or envelopes in a ‘sandbox’ is a way of containing anything that may be dangerous, and use of the term spread out to other items, such as thumb drives and other potentially harmful items.

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    Cheers guys thank you for the explanation.

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