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A free gift from Chrisno1

Happy Christmas

A little fun reading for you guys at Christmas. For anyone who remembers the old Fan Fiction on AJB, I was a contributor to one of the very last collections Come Hell Or High Water. Subsequently, I submitted a slew of Fan Fic to our rivals at Since they 'upgraded' the CBN website, I rarely visit there as I prefer the straightforwardness on AJB. So, you've won me over, you crafty fellows. This was one of my more accessible Fan Fic novels which I originally wrote in 2010. My writing has come on in leaps and bounds since then.

Feedback appreciated, but not necessary.

I hope you enjoy it, whoever chooses to read it, and Happy Christmas to you all.

For my more recent novels, these Ebooks are available:

The Jon Drago Adventures

Author's Note

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service remains, for me, one of the too few times the James Bond film franchise has honestly adapted its source novel. Along with From Russia With Love and Goldfinger, it is the closest to Fleming’s own vision, as presented in his books. There has always been, among Bond aficionados, a great sense of loss that fans were deprived of an authentic interpretation of the “Blofeld Trilogy” due in part to logistical reasons (there was nowhere in the world resembling a real Piz Gloria in 1966) and a belief that OHMSS was a “Thunderball on skis.” This adaptation does not veer far from Richard Maibaum’s 1969 screenplay. That was never my intention. What I have attempted to do is embellish the story we see on screen with a thorough background. For instance, I wanted to explain to the reader why James Bond wants to resign from the S.I.S., why he falls in love with Tracy and where the mission goes wrong. To that end this probably reads more like a Fleming novel than a movie adaptation. Not as good as Fleming of course, although I did often refer to his original work for inspiration. While I have utilised chunks of Maibaum’s screen dialogue, the lines are not always where you expect them to be. Some, I am afraid, have been cut out and others not featured in the movie added. I have also created several bridging scenes. In this respect James Bond, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (original title: O.H.M.S.S.’67) is more like Christopher Wood’s James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me. The other, most obvious, difference is telling the story from James Bond’s point of view, as Fleming would have done. The incidental scenes featuring other characters, with two notable exceptions, have all been removed or significantly re-interpreted. I’m not expecting praise for this piece - it is something of a vanity project - but I hope readers will enjoy it anyway.



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    My God! I love it!

    Yes, finished reading it, it's lovely, and to be honest, I do find it much better than Fleming's version, this one's much more well explained better, and Tracy's characterization was also so much better than Fleming's original (her character was more fleshed out and been given a lot more personality), the structure of the story was also more well polished, some moments in Fleming's original version that's left me confused were all explained well here.

    Thank you, for this! You're such a great writer! @chrisno1

    Can you also novelize the film version of You Only Live Twice, and the Craig Era Bond films.

    Or if you have some more time, Octopussy and The Living Daylights too, since they're all different from their short stories and would be interested in reading those! 😊

    Again, Great Job! 👏

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    Thanks @MI6_Headquarters did you stay up all night to read that ???? Goodness !!! Fast work !!!

    Thank you for the compliments. Writing is a craft you learn. I don't think I would write quite like this now, but my Fan Fiction was a great start to my career. I obviously had a lot of assistance from Messer's Maibaum and Fleming concocting this one. I'm glad you think I straightened out those 'gaps' in Fleming's and the movie's narratives; that was my intention.

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    Yes, I've finished it, I really liked your descriptions.

    And compared to Fleming also whom included many foreign languages (particularly French and German), that's very hard for me to understand without Google Translate, your version is also very easy to read!

    The descriptions is also very easy to understand in your version compared to Fleming.

    Yes, I do find it much better than the Fleming one (whom I'm not very much a fan of).

    Yes, you have a great skill in writing, continue it!

    This would be the great start!

    I wish IFP would hire you to write the next Bond novels

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    Continuing on from my winter free gift last year, here is another for the late summer:

    Five adventures in the life of James Bond, OO7.

    From the high and low life of London, to the old town alleys of Barcelona, the heat of a Singapore evening and the deadly turn of a card in a casino beside the River Nile, danger and death follow James Bond around the world.

    Available for downloading for free on:

    For those who enjoy it, don't forget the Jon Drago adventures are available to purchase in printed form or on Kindle:




    and coming soon


    The Jon Drago Adventures (4 book series) Kindle edition (

    Happy reading !

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    I tried to download it, but "permission denied"

    Edit- sorted..

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