Popcorn in Bed watched 007 for the first time!

Join these two Canadian sisters as they watch a selection of Bond movies for the first time ever, and fall in love with 007.


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    Based on a poll they made, they began their journey with FRWL. Below is the link

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    I've enjoyed their videos a lot. I started watching on Youtube when Cassie did Band of Brothers a while back. I was delighted to see they were getting onto Bond, and have been pleased to see their reactions have been good and positive.

    I actually haven't watched the Mission: Impossible reviews yet, but I did see their vlog from the Dead Reckoning premiere. Nice to see that McQuarrie and Cruise had good interactions with them and were so complimentary about their videos.

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    I just watched their NTTD one and it's very sweet how into Bond & Madeline's relationship they are. I don't usually do reaction videos, but it is quite interesting to watch a film through someone else's eyes. It actually makes me appreciate NTTD more.

  • hehadlotsofgutshehadlotsofguts Durham England Posts: 2,106MI6 Agent

    love their reaction to the ending of OHMSS! they were both heavily invested in Bond and Tracy's relationship.

    i know they don't like Jaws and it's a shame that hey only watched TSWLM, as they would've seen a different side to Jaws in Moonraker.

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    They look fascinated when Bond deduces Goldfinger's plot. Love this moment too ! Great writing and great acting, although Sean is far better and much more involved in DN and FRWL.

    Some people consider this movie is overrated. I think the main problem is Hamilton's poor filmmaking. Keep the same script with Young, Gilbert, Hunt or Glen behind the camera, and you just get the utimate masterpiece of the whole franchise.

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    They've indicated more Bond films next year.

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