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Linked here are a few details from a very cool OO7 pinball machine I recently saw in the arcade section on Brighton pier. It's themed exclusively on Connery's Eon Bond. What I loved it about was its inclusion of images of secondary characters one might not expect to see in such a context, even with the brand focus narrowed to '62 to '67 and '71: Professor Dent, for example, and Mr Osato. There are a few charming little errors, such as in the 'Blofeld' and 'AKA Mr Henderson' line-up in the gallery of villains: whilst an image of Donald Pleasence is perfectly fine for 'Blofeld', Blofeld himself was never 'AKA' Mr Henderson, Henderson was never a villain and the image of Charles Gray tagged to 'AKA Henderson' is actually an image of Gray as Blofeld! Still, one sees where they're coming from...

In general, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Brighton pier arcade full of old-skool amusements, such as pinball machines like this one and penny fountain games. Of course, there were a few zap-em-up video games in evidence, but they weren't dominating the space. Passing through the arcade, the pungent smell of electricity and chaotic beeping sounds of all the machines briefly replaced the freshness of sea air and squawking of seagulls.

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    I like this pinball machine! do you think its a vintage machine from circa 1971 or a modern machine with retro imagery? the graphics do look more contemporary, much like a Nolan-era Batman pinball machine I spotted in a beverage establishment near me

    it would be good to somehow make a video of a few playthroughs of the game

    and I sure like the sounds of that arcade in Brighton, my idea of civilization

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    I'm pretty sure this is a recently designed machine going for retro appeal. The fact that it skips Lazenby and cuts off with DAF is kind of making a point. But a Roger variant would be fun!

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    They are so cool.

    A Roger one would be fantastic.

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