Royale Filmwear Sizing Guide for Dummies?

I have the ivory harrington jacket in 2XL and it's great.

But I'm nervous about the sizing of the other pieces...

Do the sizes correspond between all the jackets?

Or does one have to size up when the jacket is wool? (The peacoat, the cardigans, the Mr. White jacket)

I'd just stick to my size in any case and not worry about it, but the no return policy has me wanting to get an idea of what fellow AJB'ers sizing is.

Yes. Consssssiderably.


  • Enjoying DeathEnjoying Death Toronto, ON CANADAPosts: 1,223MI6 Agent

    Dan has sizing guides for each piece he sells.

    Compare sizes with what you already have and fits you. His size guides are accurate.

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  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 61MI6 Agent

    What I need most from Royale: a fake gift certificate win, to help explain to my wife all the new clothes in my closet 😁

  • Arlington_BeechArlington_Beech Posts: 2MI6 Agent

    In my experience, the chest size tends to be accurate (measurement, eg cm or inches, not "size" - 42, 44, etc.) however other measurements are off - e.g. back length. I've got (for example) cardigans which should be identical in this regard, and they are two sizes apart. I factor-in tailoring to all the pieces, which I do for most clothing that I buy, but I agree that given the hardly dirt-cheap pricing involved the "no returns" policy is not exactly optimal. But factor in the extra cost of tailoring, and you'll probably be ok.

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