Your thoughts on a pop/rap Bond title song?

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I for one isn't ready for a pure rap Bond title song. But the other day I was listening to Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar's "Bad blood", as I rarely do. It's a mix of Swift's pop vocals and Lamar doing rap. Another simular example is "Numb/Encore" with Linking Park and Jay-Z.

Could this be something for a Bond title song? Maybe the pure pop version of the song could be played in the title sequence, but as the credits roll we get the pop/rap mix? Of course both versions would be available for streaming etc. This way we get a more traditional Bond song, but also something fresh, especially the younger generation.I try to imagine collaborations between Taylor Swift and Drake or Beyonce and Jay-Z doing this.

Let me know your thoughts. Is this a good or bad idea?


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    Not a rap fan I gather? 😂

    I'm not a fan myself, but I don't hate the genere and some rap classics I really like. While I'm aware that not everyone under 30 are rap fans, I think having a rap element in a future Bond song could work and pull in new audiences. I repeat by having a rap as the title song, but by having a pop/rap mix version play during the end titles. A bit like Madonna's disco version of DAD, but good.

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    There should've been a not in the sentence "I repeat by having a rap song as the title song, ...". 🥺

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    I think it would be fine; there's lots of rap which features big orchestral, dramatic powerful stuff, I can imagine there being a way and it being quite comfortably within the Bond sound.

    We've got a Bond song which has a reggae section after all, and everyone seems to like that one.

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    "Did somebody order the London Symphony Orchestra? Possibly while high? Cypress Hill, I’m looking in your direction…"

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    Not a bad idea as it is. I'd wager way better than some of the title songs we've had so far and contemporary in addition.

    Your example of "Numb/Encore" is a good one as it featured in 2006 MIAMI VICE movie (not as a title song, mind you). Not knowing, which direction the series is going to take next, it's difficult to say if a rap piece would be a good fit, but if the course stays on the gritty side, then I'm all for it. There already exists pieces that could have been a decent title song for a Bond movie for example Wiz Khalifa/Iggy Azalea "Go Hard or Go Home" (Furious 7) or Fort Minor/Styles of Beyond "Remember the Name".

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