Prop Store London Auction 2023-UPDATE

BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

Is anyone excited for the upcoming auction?

I recently received an advance catalog, and there are some goodies this year. Not to give too much away for those still waiting to receive the catalog, but there is a mix of new Bond items and ones we occasionally see pop up on the market.

For me, the third-day auction has some great items almost equal to the first-day auction.


  • urhashurhash USPosts: 982MI6 Agent

    Anything from the Brosnan era?

  • BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    Yep-and a good selection from his movies, too.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,544MI6 Agent

    Thank you. That McGinnis artwork is a bit special.

  • Royale-les-EauxRoyale-les-Eaux LondonPosts: 800MI6 Agent

    Some special pieces in there...

  • The Bond VivantThe Bond Vivant SeendPosts: 1,311MI6 Agent

    It’s that time of year again! Propstore open the doors to their Aladdin’s Cave, and we get a close look at the Bond treasures going under the hammer at the Entertainment Memorabilia Live Auction: London 2023. Set your Faces To Stunned…

  • ppw3o6rppw3o6r Great BritainPosts: 2,267MI6 Agent

    Brilliant! ..... nicely done Blair and Gav' (plus Blair Junior) 👍️

  • BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    Great job, as always!

    I have a feeling the NTTD suit will go way over £20,000. I'm curious what the poker table will fetch. The Omega watch will probably go for a lot.

  • Sir MilesSir Miles The Wrong Side Of The WardrobePosts: 26,098Chief of Staff

    Another greatly entertaining and informative episode…I love these 🍸🤣

    YNWA 97
  • BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    Best of luck to everyone bidding today and the rest of the weekend.

  • modelmaker007modelmaker007 GermanyPosts: 113MI6 Agent

    I was watching the live stream last nicht for all the Bond items and 90% of it was bought by one single floor bidder in London... you can see the bidder number after every lot.....anyone on here wanna own up ? ;-)

    Some prices were pretty moderate and a few bargains were made. but still need a wad of petty cash to finance that kind of buying spree lol

  • Bond Collectors' WeekendsBond Collectors' Weekends Gainesville, Florida USAPosts: 1,868MI6 Agent

    Erm, on day 3, sure, but did the same bidder also pay upwards of $250K U.S. for a bloody rotary phone...?!

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  • BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    @modelmaker007 Do you know the bidder number?

    @Bond Collectors' Weekends I'm with you on the phone. It's not even screen-matched either.

  • BigMovieFanBigMovieFan Posts: 31MI6 Agent

    It's the same bidder that also won the NTTD suit.

  • PoorMansJBPoorMansJB USAPosts: 1,197MI6 Agent

    Most of the Bond lots all went to the same bidder.

  • Bond Collectors' WeekendsBond Collectors' Weekends Gainesville, Florida USAPosts: 1,868MI6 Agent

    Is someone opening a museum or exhibition with all those lots?

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  • DrNoPlaquesDrNoPlaques SwabyPosts: 238MI6 Agent
    edited November 23

    This is about the ones in the December ones in the US incidentally not the UK one.

    Just a pity that they decided to word the Le Cercle plaques as if they were definitely sent to the film set (yet again) which, as we all know, nobody can say for sure. As usual I have tried to inform them and offered them proof that I know what I am talking about in regards to the plaques but (as usual) they have not replied. Seems to be a common occurrence with almost all of the auction houses which makes me question their integrity slightly (and it's bad form ignoring emails) but hey, it's probably just me so I doubt anybody else is bothered. I know, it's a trivial thing but as I was the original seller I try my best to do my due diligence when it concerns these plaques even after 4 years of banging my head against a brick wall. Just a shame though as it means that some poor "sucker" may actually believe them and could end up paying well over what they are worth. It's not as if it's hard to find out the same information I offered (well, the bulk of it) with a 2 minute google search although I do realise that is not practical for every lot but when somebody bothers to try to help them "keep them honest" by informing them that it is not strictly correct (and actually misleading) and are ignored, well, it says a lot. They can even find them on ebay within a minute or so to see the actual facts (well, if they check my listings anyway) so there's no excuse.

    And I quote (my italics).................

    "Collectors should note that these are authentic gambling plaques loaned to the studio for production use by the Le Cercle casino at the Les Ambassadeurs Club in London. However, we cannot confirm their use in the film's final cut. This lot includes gambling plaques worth £1, £5, and £10."

    As we all know, there were 2 of the £1s seen on screen, no £5s and about 10 x £10s and whilst it is possible that they may have been the ones used, it is doubtful plus we'll probably never know anyway. All it would have taken is one word being added or just rewording it slightly but then they wouldn't sell for as much I expect. I know that most of you will think it's petty (especially as it is only for the lower values) but they can't even confirm they were in the £35,000 sent to the studio so saying that they can't confirm their use in the film doesn't make up for the initial claim. Everytime somebody claims that they can say they were out of the ones sent, it "knocks" the ones I have left too. I have always told any buyer the truth about nobody knowing so anybody selling them on knows that and I feel it's dishonest when changes are made to what they have been told by me just to try to push the price up.

    I hope that all the people on here (well, most of them) that bought them from me are still treasuring theirs and also that you are all well.

  • Bond Collectors' WeekendsBond Collectors' Weekends Gainesville, Florida USAPosts: 1,868MI6 Agent

    We all appreciate all you've done for many collectors and fans, DNPlaques. Thank you.

    I didn't know there are DN plaques being auctioned in the USA in December. Do you have a link? I'm happy to write them also, with suggestions for correction.

    I've been helping actors, collectors and others with auction houses for a long time. The experience has been consistent whether I am concise or wordy when describing items (and regardless of repeated concerns or complaints) that auction house descriptions are targeted to entice buyers. Ian Fleming did a lovely job in describing their sleight-of-hand as "James Bond turned to his [auction] catalog. There it was, in heavy type and in prose as stickily luscious as a butterscotch sundae . . . "

    Your concerns about the Dr. No plaques are important to me and all at AJB. But it's not just the Dr. No plaques, I've seen countless Bond and non-Bond items mislabeled, so have others here. I am not longer surprised when houses ignore suggestions--even the houses that use me as a Bond expert and ask for my corrections than ignore them, deliberately or accidentally!

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