OO7: Road to a Million

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Wasn't sure where to post this.

Is this what some of you were talking about being announced?

Amazon's James Bond Game Show Hosted by Brian Cox Releases Teaser Trailer (msn.com)

I will say nothing and just let the article do it. I guess if we want to, we can find other stuff on line about it. Twitter or X or Amazon itself, I suppose. I guess if we want to we can also watch it.

Kicks off November 10th 2023 - OO7: Road to a Million


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    If BC doesn't tell someone to f@ck off at least once during the show all the producers and execs should be fired...into the sun.

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    I enjoyed it. I hope they make another season. I was worried it would be cheesy and cheap but it's clearly big budget and the contestants are mildly entertaining. Entertaining enough.

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    I am only on episode 4 but enjoying it. I think its slowly getting a bit more Bondish as it goes further along.

    I was expecting the contestants to be Bond fan / obsessives but they just seem to be the average Joe. I think this is prob a good thing really, probably would be very cringe and a little fake if we had the usual Influencers doing it lol

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    I think it's pretty enjoyable, and it looks fantastic.

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    thanks for some early subjective reviews

    can any of you folks watching this show tell us more about it? whats the story? what sort of things happen each episode? are there characters? do you think we will need to know any of this to understand Bond26?

    also who is making this? does EON have any creative involvement or have they simply licensed out the 007 trademark?

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    Its nothing to do with Bond 26. Produced by EON.

    Its basically a reality game show. Real people in teams of 2 sent on missions around the world to win a million pounds (staggered in stages / levels). If they fail a level they are out.

    Its a bit like a treasure hunt / puzzle thing with elements of Bond thrown in such as locations, cars etc DC Bond soundtrack used throughout etc

    Entertaining so far

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    I'm posting as someone who hasn't watched it and who has no plans to see it. I dislike the whole idea of an 'official' exploitation of Bond as a brand to make programmes in TV genres and I fear this may be the thin edge of a wedge. It may well be entertaining. But imho if Eon are to do anything at all with Bond it should be making more Bond films for the cinema. Period.

    Perhaps someone watching it could clarify, please. Is it just about treasure hunts and puzzles - or is it also about game, ordinary Joes dangling from cable cars wearing safety harnesses, or snorkling among sedated sharks? Any simulated dicing-with-death stuff? I totally went off of the 'reality-show-stunts-for-kicks' type of thing back in 1986 - admittedly during a different, cheaper, more slapdash era of programme making - when Michael Lush tragically died in a bungee jump, gone wrong, for Noel Edmonds' 'The Late, Late Breakfast Show'.

    Also, for me, much as I'd love to see Brian Cox in an actual James Bond film, the idea of BC appearing in character as a games master/ controller for this show, behind his 'power desk', smacks a little too much of the Donald Trump iteration of 'The Apprentice'. Then again, I'm not watching this, so I don't know: it's just what comes to mind from trailers etc.

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    Just don't watch it... it's staged woke B#hit.... I gave up at episode 4... it was obvious they were spoon feeding clues - because the random "ah-HA !" moments were so staged.... it was awful.... and disappointing...

  • Colonel ShatnerColonel Shatner Chavtastic Bristol, BritainPosts: 572MI6 Agent

    Some of the contestants were really quite moronic, most of the questions were straight forward trivia, and the first episode or so was slow/dull, but treat it as easy viewing alongside outlandish 90s gameshows like "The Crystal Maze" and that show with the sea castle, and it's a OK production (but definitely needs more refining and more self-aware contestants who are Bond fans in S2).

    You can't get angry at spectacular exotic scenerey and Brian Cox delivering fine steamed ham (with the locations getting more creepier and trials getting more wacky).

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