A Rainy Day in New York tweed jacket

llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 81MI6 Agent

I know this is not a bond movie, but I saw A Rainy Day in New York and thought the tweed jacket looks kinda nice. Color combo reminded me of NTTD's Matera outfit. Blue shirt and brown-ish jacket. The detectives here in the forum always amazed me so I figure I'll give it a shot in case anyone could possibly identify the tweed jacket with herringbone pattern and big buttons. Much thanks!


  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 373MI6 Agent

    Vintage Ralph lauren.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 373MI6 Agent

    I have lots of Ralph Lauren and I am a big fan of his work - the football buttons (two from and four cuffs) and that cut looks like vintage Polo R.L.

    My recommendation would be to go for a newer made in Italy version as the fit is more flattering. Lots of cheap options on eBay also. His tweed jackets are bulletproof in the construction/ last a long time.

  • llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 81MI6 Agent
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    The newer versions don’t come with those football leather buttons anymore. I discovered Harris Tweed made a lot of those jackets too.

  • Matt SMatt S Oh Cult Voodoo ShopPosts: 6,597MI6 Agent

    Tweed jackets like this have been made by countless brands. They're often made of Harris Tweed, not made by Harris Tweed. Harris Tweed is a fairly inexpensive cloth, so many mid-range brands use it. Ralph Lauren is just one that has made jackets that look like this, though they usually have their own cloths especially woven for them rather than Harris Tweed. This one has more of a J Crew look to me. Brooks Brothers also use Harris Tweed.

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  • llvhhuillvhhui Posts: 81MI6 Agent

    There's a ton of Harris Tweed jackets out there but finding one that matches details of this one turned out to be an impossible task. The newer J Crew tweed jackets all have very narrow lapels and regular buttons. The search continues...

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