VICE TV Docu-Series - 'Icons: Unearthed' on the Bond Franchise

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The Bond Docu-Series: ‘Icons: Unearthed’ from ‘Nacelle Productions’ and released on ‘Vice-TV’ is now up to its 2nd episode. The first episode can be seen on YouTube at:

It is on each week at 10pm and, apparently, the subsequent shows will also be released on YouTube so keep checking back.

Our very own Matt Sherman, can be spotted a few times along with several other Bond aficionados.

I was interviewed, along with my good friend, David Starr and they showcased out prop collections. As I’m sure they have time limitations, our 45 minute interviews will probably only appear as a snippet. I’m guessing we will appear on the 3rd episode unless we wind up on the cutting room floor.

My prop collection is seen, in a quick whip wipe and, if you blink, you’ll miss it. However, the end credits of the show do have my props shown below the credits.

I took some screen captures so you can see the props shown.

You’ll be able to spot several props by other talented propmakers like Jeff Pashley, Rob Gritten, Christof Kleynen, Henrik Able, Steve Poole, David Starr and John Surles intermingled alongside my own.




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