List your Top 5 Royale Filmwear Requests!

armenianmoviemanarmenianmovieman The 818Posts: 661MI6 Agent

Thank you @SilverFinger for all your products, and congratulations on your success and your recent Morocco suede launch!

We only hope to see more of what you got. I thought we could all provide a wishlist of items we hope you consider.

1) Spectre Morocco Belt - at this point Winston Saddlers and Magnoli Clothiers are leaving $$ on the table by not doing this.

2) Spectre Morocco Polo - would love one in Royale sizing, as Magnoli doesn't have larger sizes

3) Matera Massimo Alba Cord Suit\Ryan Reynolds Brunello Cucinelli Cord Suit with patch pockets - I'll take either version of these suits, khaki or beige, but I'm digging the patch pockets and the beige more for some reason; perhaps because it's more casual

4) Skyfall Shanghai Sharkskin Trousers - nothing particularly special you could say, as its just a pair of trousers, but it'd be nice to complete the set and get that sharkskin weave with the Royale peacoat

5) Morocco Blazer v3, either reprint or perhaps a wool\slk\linen blend like the original?

What are your top Royale Filmwear dream items?

Yes. Consssssiderably.


  • TheExit148TheExit148 Posts: 561MI6 Agent
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    1. Belstaff Patterson Jacket
    2. Belstaff Patterson Jacket
    3. Belstaff Patterson Jacket
    4. Belstaff Patterson Jacket
    5. Belstaff Patterson Jacket

    We need more options for this jacket out there! Magnoli is the only one offering up one, and Belstaff has zero interest in bringing this jacket back, and other makers want a jacket in hand to make it.

  • welshboy78welshboy78 Posts: 10,272MI6 Agent

    struggled to think 5…..

    1) Brunello Spectre Belt

    2) White Ocean Club CR Shirt

    3) Venice Polo Shirt CR

    Instagram - bondclothes007
  • watchandbarrelwatchandbarrel Posts: 1MI6 Agent

    1 through 5:

    blue John Varvatos suede racer from Spectre

  • PandemicPandemic Posts: 61MI6 Agent
    1. White short sleeve CR shirt
    2. Spectre taupe chinos
    3. Riviera polo at an affordable price
    4. Sta-press trousers
    5. Morocco blazer in longer sizes, silk and linen blend
    6. playboy chukka boots in extra wide sizes

    yeh, I know I’m dreaming …

  • You Know My Name007You Know My Name007 Posts: 90MI6 Agent

    That Daniel changes his shipping way and costs to Germany ( from other shops in austrailia new zealand world wide i only pay about 50 $ for shirts and stuff ) and not 240$ that Daniel would like to have

    i find this very unfair practise i also worked in the film industrie ( 14 years lucas arts ) and i know how to send props and costume parts world wide

    i have the money to spend on Daniels items but there is no way im paying the over charged shipping costs ( that funny is only for Germany and Italy )

    my little rant over

    please think about this Daniel

  • Agent EternalAgent Eternal Athens, GreecePosts: 156MI6 Agent

    I add my +1 to those two:

    "1 through 5: blue John Varvatos suede racer from Spectre"

    "2) White Ocean Club CR Shirt"

  • 405405 Posts: 118MI6 Agent
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    5 Brunello Taupe Chinos from Morocco Outfit - Spectre

    4 Morocco Belt - Spectre

    3 Levis Menlo - Skyfall

    2 Armani Bomber v2 - Casino Royale

    1 John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

  • jonathanpinfieldjonathanpinfield Posts: 12MI6 Agent

    5. John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

    4. John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

    3. John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

    2. John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

    1. John Varvatos Racer - Spectre

  • Tato007Tato007 France Posts: 352MI6 Agent

    1 . Blue floral shirt from DAD

    2 . BC spectre Morocco belt

    3 . Spectre blue Polo

    4 . Casino Royale Venise cardigan

    5 . FYEO kaki suede jacket

    6 . SP taupe Morocco trousers

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 3,070MI6 Agent

    4 in no particular order, hence A-D.

    A) BC Spectre Morocco Belt

    B) White Ocean Club CR Shirt

    C) DAD Floral Havana Shirt (I've offered to loan my Brioni shirt to Royale Filmwear)

    D) BC Spectre taupe trousers

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,435MI6 Agent
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    Royale already makes one of the items in the lists above (the Spectre trousers).

    You have to figure that some of these pieces would be much easier than others. Daniel hasn't had the best of luck with trousers, it seems, and the first iteration of the Morocco sport coat wasn't beloved.

    I'd have to think that the CR white Ocean Club shirt wouldn't be too difficult if he could obtain a fabric similar to the original. It's an unusual fabric from what I understand. I wonder if there's a big enough demand, though.

    Magnoli, to me, has dibs on the CR rugby shirt at this stage, but he's let popular sizes go out of stock, so who knows whether he has plans to do keep it in production.

    I owned the SF sharkskin trousers, and I have to say they are nondescript enough that you can currently pick up dozens of alternatives today without Royale needing to make their own version. Search "grey sharkskin trouser " and what you find are likely to be indistinguishable from what Craig wore.

    The Spectre Morocco Belt seems like it would be fairly straightforward given that leather belts are manufactured for pennies on the dollar around the world. But the design is unusual enough that there haven't been good alternatives. That would be the one item I'd definitely pay for.

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 3,070MI6 Agent

    Royale did the Ocean Club Linen Trousers from CR (Ted Baker) and the Spectre Puppytooth Tousers (Neil Barrett), but not the chinos of a thousand buttons from Brunello Cuchinelli worn with the BC linen blazer. In real life the BC Chinos are quite slim. For me too slim to even get my legs into, so a more straight fit version would be most welcome.

    My interests are going more to the casual items (Spectre Morocco belt, CR Ocean Club shirt, DAD Floral Shirt, chinos, etc.), especially what would be good on a tropical holiday.

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,435MI6 Agent

    That’s right! I confused the two, which is odd because I bought the Royale linen trousers from CR. 🤣

    I own a couple of the BC thousand button chinos in close but not SA shades. The color would be a difficult match, but the fabric even more so. It has amazingly soft hand. Usually with high end stuff you can’t feel the luxury, but my chinos are definitely a cut above.

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,435MI6 Agent

    That’s awesome guys. I was fortunate to snag the JV when it was first announced, and if this comes close, you will be thrilled. I never get so many compliments from women as I do on the Varvatos and I expect this will be the same.

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