Goldfinger, our Shirley in Golden Form!

ppw3o6rppw3o6r Great BritainPosts: 2,267MI6 Agent

This is without a doubt the best I have ever heard Goldfinger sung by Ms Bassey ♥️


  • Gebruder GumboldGebruder Gumbold San FranciscoPosts: 538MI6 Agent

    1000% Agreed! We get to see her movements and facial expressions...just wonderful. In later years,she would camp it up a bit, which annoyed me as I want everything to be original. Tom Jones seemed to sing Thunderball as closely as he could to his original track, less the passing out.

    Marvelous, and you see the audience captivated.

    Thanks for posting.

    Wasn't the official video for GF done in some construction site? Really looked out of place.

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,544MI6 Agent
    edited October 24

    Can it be live without a microphone? It seems like the recorded version now I listen again.

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