Where are you guys?

parfaitelumiereparfaitelumiere Posts: 153MI6 Agent

Hi, I have my main project for several years now, which is to build the best golden gun replica ever.

So I was thinking about trying to find collectors, who would have SD and FE golden gun replicas, visit them and with their agreement, make videos and pictures of each gun, to make a presentation video, filmed in 4K quality, and also displaying high resolution pictures and probably also measurments.

Then I started to think about members and their location, I got chat with several of them, in Texas, also UK, and if I remember also Germany, but I was curious about where members are, maybe several are in France, and in this case it would be possible to meet!

I live in south of France, for now at least, I come back fro czech republic, where I spent one year, and maybe I will move again on next year, and you guys, where are you located?


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