FS: TF Harrington (EU 52) from "Quantum of Solace"


This was bought from a friendly colleague from this forum via an auction platform in 2011.

It is a version with very minor leather details at the pockets only. And the fabric is 56% cotton / 44% silk.

Since it is a size EU 52 (and my size is EU 48), I had the jacket professionally altered to near its size towards a size EU 48. All alterations were done in a potentially reversible way!

Afterwards, the jacket hung in my closet, was never cleaned.

Therefore, all alterations could be opened up again and should leave no traces; e. g. two box folds in the back (without any cutting; for slimming the overall torso of the jacket), one box fold in the middle of the waistband (again without cutting) and one box fold in each sleeve at the crook of the arm (again: without any cutting; to achieve a shorter sleeve).

Consequently, this jacket could be sold to interested colleagues of size EU 48-50. Or, it could be interesting for someone of size EU 52, for whom the alterations could be reversed.

I would be glad about your interest and further questions.




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    This will sell for a very pretty penny, good luck

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    I would strongly suggest that you add a price to this listing so people know the price!

    I know where you keep your gun!
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