TWINE - Bond takes the plane

There's a scene in TWINE I always had an issue with, and everytime I watch the film, I can't help remembering how disturbing I find it plotwise.

How can none of Renard's goons smell a rat and let Bond get in the plane while Davidov is the only person supposed to be there at this moment ? They obviously need someone to impersonate Dr. Arkov, but isn't it quite a weird thing to have a random guy they know nothing about (he doesn't even look Russian and his mother tongue clearly seems to be english) in the plane ? The fact Davidov is missing is something crucial, and they all behave like if this man was sent to take his place indeed.


  • SeanIsTheOnlyOneSeanIsTheOnlyOne Posts: 413MI6 Agent

    Does anyone here see what I mean ?

  • MI6_HeadquartersMI6_Headquarters Posts: 168MI6 Agent

    Does he talked in the plane when he's given that uniform, the thing is though, all of the men that he's been with were all bald and he's obviously not, but then so Davidov, but why?

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,246MI6 Agent

    I agree to a certain extent, but think we're just supposed to overlook that and not think too much about it. He only shakes the bag when somebody speaks to him about the merch and I can't imagine there would be much chit-chat on that flight anyway, especially not with an outsider above their pay-grade.

    "Any of the opposition around..?"
  • SeanIsTheOnlyOneSeanIsTheOnlyOne Posts: 413MI6 Agent

    Actually the plane sequence is not the part I have the biggest issue with. It's the scene where Bond meets the bald guy who says he was waiting for Davidov. That clearly means anyone else has nothing to do here. Does this guy seriously believe Davidov finally decided not to come while Renard ordered him to a few hours ago ? And especially because of too much work ? And sending someone to take his place without Renard's approval ? This bluff from Bond is far-fetched, and I just can't buy it.

  • MI6_HeadquartersMI6_Headquarters Posts: 168MI6 Agent

    Yes, I agree that part is stupid, I've seemed to recall it, for all I know he's disguising as Mikhail Arkhov so maybe it might be an excuse and the guy just told him that he's waiting for Davidov but maybe he's not pointing at Bond, because they knew it's Arkhov anyway, and they did expected him, so it's not taking place, the guy just assumed that Arkhov knows Davidov so he's waiting that maybe Arkhov knows where he goes.

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