Making the three mines from Goldeneye 007 !

FrenchGoumardFrenchGoumard Posts: 12MI6 Agent
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Hey there ! After few month of hardworking ! I finaly finished the three mines from the game on N64 !

It lights up, it vibrates and it beeps ! I wasn't sure how would look the proximity and the timed mine as I had to translate a low poly design into something real with the same aesthetic from the one in the movie. But it turned out great ! Especially the timed who's now my favourite !

Let me know what do you think on that take !



  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,645MI6 Agent

    Are you makingthemine on Instagram? I love your work- keep meaning to get one of those little ones for my fridge! 😁

  • FrenchGoumardFrenchGoumard Posts: 12MI6 Agent

    Yes I am !!! Thank you a lot sir ! :D I remember we had a quick talk a long time ago ! Glad to have a chat with you here now ! :D

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