DC era items for sale.

Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

Adding as I go and have time.

* Polo has now been sold - Tom Ford QOS polo. $1,000. Size 48. It’s made from linen and color is a midnight blue. Per request from those who love the polo scenes. More photos added. * now sold.

Tom Ford polo shirt. Size 50. $399 OBO Color is either super dark blue or black, can’t tell. The blue size 56 is on the left and the size 50 on the right in comparison photo. Great condition.

**sold Tom Ford polo shirt. $250. Color is blue. Good condition, no obvious flaws. size 56. ***sold.

sold***Tom ford Harrington. $499 OBO Can’t find size tag - measures 26 sleeves, 28.5 lengths, 20.5 shoulders. I have a few of this generation and I’m fairly certain it’s a size 52. I have photographed it next to black trousers for comparison.FLAWS!! - Cracked button on collar, torn tag inside, some wear throughout. No rips or stain and not other major flaws. ** sold.

*reserved-Tom ford beige Harrington. Size 50. Perfect condition. $800 OBO. * reserved

*ski trousers reserved** Tom Ford Ski trousers and jacket. Size 50 trousers and size 52 jacket. The jacket is the original navy color from 2016 movie. Bought at TF Vegas (jacket) and TF manhattan (trousers). The trousers were around $1700 if I remember right. Asking $3,000 for the set or $899 for the trousers if you just want those. Saw a pair on eBay went for around $2,000 recently. Both in very good condition with no flaws that I can see. I have worn the jacket carefully a few times but the pants only worn around the house to try them a few times. *ski trousers reserved*

Skyfall suit.

***reserved*** I bought the suit from Mark recently and have never worn it (tried on twice). The O’Connor cut just doesn’t look good on me so if anyone wants it let me know. Suit is in perfect condition. Would like to get my money back - $2500 (usd) PayPal F&F. Welcome to come pick up in NYC area if you’re in the area. *reserved***

All details SA.

Trousers (36 waist) (hemmed at 33 inside leg). Jackets 42r - sleeves finished at 26.5-27 from shoulder seam to cuff. TF then nipped the waist in as they do for all fittings.

Shoulder seam to shoulder seam 17.5.

top of collar to bottom 31 in.



  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,443MI6 Agent

    Interested! Do you have a shoulder measurement? Also jacket length? You seem like you might be taller than I am.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    I’ll take measurements for you. I’m 6 ft exactly- fits like TF suit size 52 off the rack pretty much - would be easy to nip and tuck as needed.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent
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    Shoulder seam to shoulder seam 17.5 (shoulder width about 18).

    Top of collar to bottom 31.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    More photos of QOS polo.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Tom ford Harrington size 52 blue. Newer worn, perfect condition. No alterations done. $4,500 OBO. This is from the Luigi project back in 2018 of whenever it was - I was actually the first to take delivery I remember because I was at the gym in our city apartment when door man called and immediately posted on AJB that jackets were being delivered!

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    QOS polo is now reserved.

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    ***sold…Barbour commander jacket $200 OBO. Very clean- No stain, rips or anything. Color is faded throughout. Fits like a medium I think. Short and slim. Sold***

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    Danner and Sanders boots. Pls note that if you just look at the Sanders boots they show some sole wear - neither has been worn much at all and in great condition. I’ll clean the sole off before shipping.

    $150 OBO for danner and $100 obo for the sanders. Shipping for sanders might be more since they are heavy and in the box.

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    N peal No Time to die sweater size large brand new with tags. $350. Pics coming soon but everyone knows what they look like.

    J crew Kenton boots size 11. Have been worn. $150 obo.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent
  • norbac1norbac1 Posts: 96MI6 Agent

    Very interested on the spectre polo size 56. Any room for negotiations about the price?

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    I’m going to Fed ex this am to mail the QOS polo so if you send me $250 PayPal F&F before then you save me a trip and it’s yours.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent
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    Someone please send me an offer on the grey Harrington this am! I have lots of offers on it on eBay but would rather sell to a member than someone who will flip it!

    I’ll take $350 for the Harrington this am. It’s a freakin steal- it’s super similar to the QOS jacket and at that price you can actually wear it and not be devastated if you spill something. Super cool jacket, please don’t miss this one!

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Barbour commander sold.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Tom ford ski trousers reserved.

    Tom ford grey Harrington reserved.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Price drops

    blue Johnny collar polo - $250.

    danner boots $100

    j crew and sanders $75 each.

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    QOS black cardigan size 56 in perfect condition. $1200 OBO. Photos coming.

    QOS black greatcoat size 56 with some wear to it $1800 OBO. This is one of my favorite pieces of all time - it’s the super heavy thick fabric version that you can wear to Kazan! Photos coming.

  • jonathanpinfieldjonathanpinfield Posts: 19MI6 Agent

    Please start wearing a few more of your Tom Ford Harrington jackets and wear them out a bit - so you can sell another one (hopefully to me) soon. I’m in the U.K. but I’ve got a friend working in Indianapolis at the mo, so I should be able to arrange delivery there if you list any more bargains in future!

    You’ve got a great collection of clothes, this could be the best James Bond-inspired clear out of all time.

    Keep up the great work!

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Ha ha thanks buddy - yes believe it or not this is just trimming it down a bit.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Beige Harrington now reserved.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent
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    Items remaining;

    Skyfall suit.

    Johnny collar polos blue and black

    Saunders boots

    danner boots

    j crew boots

    NTTd n peal sweater

    QOS Harrington

    Spectre ski blouson

    QOS cardigan

    QOS greatcoat (reserved).

    Will try to take and post photos asap of remaining items.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    I found a small snag in one spot. I was asked about if this has the wider lapels and I don’t know so will leave it to the forum experts to decide.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Small snag on top of collar and minor imperfection in the back of collar. I think possibly from rubbing against wall in coat closet but not sure. It’s not significant and given the extreme thickness of the fabric it’s not noticeable.

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    ***now reserved. Tom ford moleskin trousers size 50. Inseam is at about 31.5. A little to slim for my current liking but look fantastic with the Barbour Tokito and tweeds. $99 plus shipping. * now reserved.

    zipper pull is broken but the zipper is still completely functional so doesn’t really matter. No other flaws.

    n peal $350

    New unworn.

  • Bond_AmbitionsBond_Ambitions Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 459MI6 Agent

    Hey Matt, PM sent.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Blue polo tag. I have been receiving many questions about what the screen accurate color is. I’m pretty sure they use a blue one in the movie but I have no idea what color code. I have more been taking inspiration from Bond costume designers to explore looks and brands I’d never would have thought about rather than trying to dress in the outfits from the movie so have personally preferred the black one actually. This is a very beautiful blue color and to me it looks like the shirt from the movie. Measures 22 out to put, about 20 shoulders and 30 or so length.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Tom ford Moleskin trousers now reserved.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Tom ford blue polo reserved for Bond ambitions.

  • Matt BMatt B Posts: 358MI6 Agent

    Greatcoat and cardigan are gone.

    Adding no time to die jeans size 34. $400.

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