Don Black in February's The Oldie

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A double-page spread in The Oldie sees Don Black in a self-penned feature about writing the Bond themes - well, kind of. Skim reading it, I saw no reference to 'The World Is Not Enough'. But he references 'Born Free', in order to segue into 'Diamonds are Forever'.

The prose style is that slack, half-arsed way of writing that seems to be The Oldie's way, whoever holds the pen. Nothing Black touches on will in it surprise the Bond contingent, though tbf the magazine is not aimed at the likes of us. There do seem to be a number of other features of interest in the edition, however. Really, the magazine is 1980s Punch - though the cartoonists instead hived off to Private Eye, it seems.

On a side note (!), I am very pleased that Don Black is with us still.

"This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

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