FS: TOM FORD Atticus as seen on NTTD - size 52 R (BNWAT)

SchnoeppSchnoepp Posts: 218MI6 Agent

Hello everyone,

I have fulfilled a dream and bought the wonderful tuxedo (TOM FORD Atticus) from NTTD. Since the suit came from Italy, I assumed that I would order the larger size - in my case IT52. However, when the suit arrived it was "Made in Swizerland" and therefore one size too big.

Unfortunately, it was also the last tuxedo and size 50 was no longer available.

Now I have the faint hope that one of you needs size 52 and has size 50 ready for exchange. (Probably not)

The suit is therefore new with all tags and of course in "made to measure" condition.

I wish everyone happy Easter holidays!



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