James Bond Collectable Action Figure

I recently purchased the Muff Toys Top Agent figure. It's not official but it is by far my favorite figure. It's got an amazing likeness of Daniel Craig.

I wish they would make official products like this. It really is what the fans want.

I really suggest you check it out. Even if you're not into collecting dollys. I've only a handful. A John Constantine, some new versions of G.I. Joes I had as a kid, and two Marvel Legends. Like I said, not much but 007 is hands down my favorite. Its a really high quality figure.

(my camera sucks so here's an official photo, and yes, it looks exactly as advertised. Even better, actually)


  • thespyboys11thespyboys11 Lindenwold,NJPosts: 1,845MI6 Agent
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    Looked it up. Very nice but only 6 inches high.

    Below is another I ran across for pre-order. Almost half the price of the one above and twice the size!!! --Ed

  • Sir MilesSir Miles The Wrong Side Of The WardrobePosts: 26,510Chief of Staff

    But that’s only for the suit…the figure isn’t included.

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  • UmneyUmney Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    Sorry, i should have mentioned that it's 1/12 scale, not 1/6.

    I prefer the six inch figures, but you don't have as many options at that scale in regards to extra clothing/accessories.

    Still, it's amazing they were able to fit so much detail into a six inch figure.

    Also, 1/12 is good choice if your interested in displaying it beside a vehicle. I'm currently searching for an Aston Martin model to display him with, which would be a lot harder in 1/6 scale.

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 2,328MI6 Agent

    1/12 is an increasingly popular scale and, though I don't tend to collect them, I do have the one pictured up top and it's a pretty incredible piece. They even have his correct "coffin" Dupont cufflinks.

    I've had much more experience with 1/6 scale and I'll say I'm... wary of those photos accurately representing what you'd get.

  • The Red KindThe Red Kind EnglandPosts: 3,126MI6 Agent

    I've never understood why EON (or whomever) have never produced action figures to accompany the films. They would have made a fortune in the 70s and 80s.

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  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 5,694MI6 Agent

    Agreed; loads of kids had the toy cars and guns and the Bond digital watch(!) - figures would surely have sold.

    I guess James Bond Jr had figures..?

  • HalfMonk HalfHitmanHalfMonk HalfHitman USAPosts: 2,328MI6 Agent

    There was a line of 12" Moonraker figures by Mego when the film was released.

    A line of smaller figures and vehicles was designed and scrapped.

  • PPK 7.65mmPPK 7.65mm Saratoga Springs NY USAPosts: 1,229MI6 Agent

    @etidum: Yes James Bond Jr. did have an action figure and toy line from Hasbro released in 1991.

    I also recall that prior to their going out of business, the British toy company Big Chief Studios had plans for action figures of James Bond from both The Living Daylights and Casino Royale (at least I think it was CR, it might have been another Daniel Craig Bond film). Sadly, the sales figures from a number of their adult collector action figure lines sold rather poorly, hence why these two never got released.

  • JellyfishJellyfish EnglandPosts: 465MI6 Agent

    There was a line of Action Man figures linked to the Bond films a few years ago:

    The picture is from here:


  • PPK 7.65mmPPK 7.65mm Saratoga Springs NY USAPosts: 1,229MI6 Agent
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    @The Red Kind: Also, Sideshow toys of the USA produced a number of action figures from the movies from 2002-2005.

    From what I have read, unlike other film and television properties, James Bond is much different demographic than something like Star Wars. Hence why an action figure line for the movies has never run continually for years and years.

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