SPECTRE Gerber is back ?

Maybe I'm just VERY late to the party... But about 2-3 years ago I wanted to pick up the Gerber 06 Automatic Knife S30V Drop Point from SPECTRE but they were sold out everywhere... However, yesterday I went to the uniform supply business here in Nashville where we get our yearly allowance for uniforms and equipment at the Police Dept and there it was in the display case for sale.. (snagged it on my yearly allowance credit too as a bonus!) Got home and out of curiosity looked around online and they are everywhere again.. Am I making things up in saying they were all kinds of scarce for a while ?


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    Gerber releases certain models in intermittent runs, so it makes sense that the 06 Auto might’ve been MIA for a while. Gerber can be sneaky because occasionally those manufacturing lulls evolve into product discontinuances. I was lucky to catch the last wave of Covert Autos, Mark II's, and Combat Folders.

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    That knife is one of the rare Bond pieces that would be worthy of 007 himself. An excellent blade: I carry mine all the time.

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    always rare in the UK where it's illegal for the public...which always amuses me but seems appropriate as only folks like M & Bond could carry around London's streets.

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