Brown Ryder III chukka boots with MA Sloop suit?

frommeyerfrommeyer ChicagoPosts: 401MI6 Agent

I'm wondering if the QoS Ryders would go well with the Sloop. I haven't had my Sloop suit tailored yet so I can't try the combo myself. Thoughts?


  • Asp9mmAsp9mm Over the Hills and Far Away.Posts: 6,719MI6 Agent

    IMO they’d look much better.

  • canoe2canoe2 Posts: 1,572MI6 Agent

    @frommeyer I think any dark suede chukka style boot would work just fine.

  • CheverianCheverian Posts: 1,096MI6 Agent

    Although the Ryders are pretty chunky boots. They’re always bigger-looking than I remember when I put them on.

  • PortentPortent Posts: 29MI6 Agent
    edited March 12

    From a pure style perspective and forgetting any Bond connection suede chukkas are sometimes a little hard to wear with a suit. A suit is formal and suede chukkas informal. However this suit leans towards the informal side (as far as a suit can be) both in structure and colour. So smarter suede chukkas should be absolutely fine with it. Sloppier desert boots would not work. But something a little more structured such as the Ryders should work fine.

  • NoiNoi Posts: 482MI6 Agent

    I actually wanted to buy the Church's Ryder, but since I have the opportunity to buy the C&J Chiltern in dark brown suede on sale, I'm thinking of getting the C&J, does someone own the Chiltern it and can tell me whether it is a good alternative for the church's? sry for the off topic question and thank you in adcvance

    I would describe the Church's R3 as more rustic than the Drakes and I idk if they will work with a suit, probably not if you ask me

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