Drakes Crosby Alternative great price

sunny01sunny01 Posts: 450MI6 Agent

Hi I have managed to find the Astorflex Dukeflex, basically the same shoe minus the Drakes price hike and label for £104 when you use the code NEW20. Same dark chestnut colour and if they are the same shoes then that’s a £191 off the retail price for basically the same shoe. I have just ordered them and it’s also free postage.

see post 2241 under NTTD possible spoilers where they were mentioned as potentially being the same shoe


  • mr.moneypennymr.moneypenny Posts: 6MI6 Agent

    I bought the J. Crew version of this shoe made by Astoflex before buying the Drake's version. They look almost identical. The major differences are in the thickness of the suede uppers and the gum soles. The J. Crew shoes got painful wearing them all day primarily because the sole of the shoe was very flat and thin. The Drake's remedied this by using a noticeably thicker crepe. Just be warned, the shoes both look great but I found that one is much more wearable than the other.

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