Best Bond Movie per Actor...?



  • chrisno1chrisno1 LondonPosts: 1,366MI6 Agent

    Best film and, just to show the two don't always go hand in hand, best performance

    Connery - GF - TB [or NSNA when I'm feeling old and bitter]

    Lazenby - OHMSS - OHMSS

    Moore - TSWLM - TMWTGG

    Dalton - TLD - TLD

    Brosnan - TND - TWINE

    Craig - CR - CR

  • emtiememtiem SurreyPosts: 4,269MI6 Agent
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    I think I’d agree with all of those except perhaps the performance: totally agree Sean’s at his best in TB (NSNA is a great call too; he really knows what he’s doing there) but I’d probably say Roger is at the top in Spy- he’s just effortlessly comfortable in that. Pierce is a tricky one for best performance.. I might even be tempted to go for DAD as he holds his own very well amongst all of the nonsense going on.

    Craig is the only tricky one to decide on a best film/performance combo because I really can’t pick between CR and SF- I think they’re both amazing. Today I think I go for CR being his best film, but that may change tomorrow! As for best performance I might lump for SP as I like the more laid back playfulness he brings to Bond in that film.

  • Bond fan from OzBond fan from Oz Posts: 59MI6 Agent

    Connery - FRWL

    Lazenby - Hmmm... let me have a think about that...

    Moore - OP

    Dalton - LTK

    Brosnan - TWINE

    Craig - CR

  • SighSigh Posts: 2MI6 Agent

    Connery: FRWL

    Moore: FYEO

    Dalton: TLD

    Brosnan: TWINE

    Craig: SP

  • writingsonthewallwritingsonthewall SpainPosts: 341MI6 Agent
    edited September 30

    SC: FRWL.

    GL: OHMSS.

    RM: FYEO.

    TD: TLD.

    PB: GE.

    DC: CR (haven't seen NTtD yet but I doubt it will top it).

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  • WadsyWadsy Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 408MI6 Agent
    edited October 3

    Sean Connery: From Russia With Love

    Roger Moore: For Your Eyes Only

    Timothy Dalton: Licence To Kill

    Pierce Brosnan: Goldeneye

    Daniel Craig: Casino Royale

    1. FYEO 2. OHMSS 3. LTK 4. FRWL 5. TSWLM 6. SF 7. TLD 8. SP 9. GF 10. MR 11. AVTAK 12. DN 13. GE 14. CR 15. LALD 16. TB 17. YOLT 18. TND 19. OP 20. TWINE 21. TMWTGG 22. QOS 23. DAF 24. DAD 25. NSNA 26. CR '67

    1. Dalton 2. Moore 3. Connery 4. Craig 5. Lazenby 6. Brosnan
  • ichaiceichaice LondonPosts: 432MI6 Agent

    Sean Connery: Thunderball

    George Lazenby: OHMSS of course

    Sir Roger: Live and Let Die

    Timothy Dalton: Licence to Kill

    Pierce Brosnan: Goldeneye

    Daniel Craig: Casino Royale

    Yes. Considerably!

  • SpectreOfDefeatSpectreOfDefeat Posts: 354MI6 Agent

    Sean Connery: Goldfinger

    George Lazenby: OHMSS by default

    Roger Moore: For Your Eyes Only

    Timothy Dalton: The Living Daylights

    Pierce Brosnan: GoldenEye

    Daniel Craig: Casino Royale

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