If AVTAK was a retirement story

I have heard a few people say that Avtak should have been a retirement story and I disagree, that would have been too similar to NSNA and it would give credence to the annoying code name theory.The part of Stacey should have been played by an older lady tho. I like how Dalton's 89 bond is the same bond who was married in 69.


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    One of things about suspending disbelief at the Bond films is you could sort of believe that Moore was a usual Bond in his 40s if you wanted, it doesn't fly now because most leading men have to look younger. As Moore himself later claimed, he had to quit as the ran out of actors old enough for him to beat up, and the same went with his leading ladies. [Edit: I mean leading ladies he'd be having out with!] I mean, you could raise the age of everyone concerned but then you've suddenly got a movie full of old people as far as the teenagers are concerned.

    For all that, AVTAK really is the end of the classic Bonds for me, I could never quite believe Dalton's Bond was the same guy while the similar age of Connery and Moore could make me think it was the same character ageing through the decades.

    "This is where we leave you Mr Bond."

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    The film does end with M and Gogol unable to locate Bond after the explosions at the Golden Gate Bridge. Gogol wants to award him the Medal of Lenin I believe. Bond didn't report in, he's assumed missing in action. It's only because Q sends that pervy robo-cam into Stacey Suttons bathroom that they finally locate him.

    If it weren't for Q and that pervcam in the bathroom, MooreBond could have quietly disappeared from this dirty damn life into anonymous retirement as CraigBond was seen doing at the start of SkyFall!

    John from Cork said:

    ...credence to the annoying code name theory...

    I am actually now convinced Simon Templar was finally awarded a fulltime job as a secret agent (someone does offer him that job in the sixth season of The Saint) but he had to accept the CodeName because the name Simon Templar is much too Famous. You don't have to like the theory, but it does make sense and there are clues to support it!

    Napster siad:

    ...you could raise the age of everyone concerned but then you've suddenly got a movie full of old people as far as the teenagers are concerned...

    pretty much describes all the good guys in A View to a Kill! it was like Seniors discount day when they all went to the racetrack together.

    So if The Living Daylights is still about the same Bond who was once married to Tracy, what happened to Moneypenny? she's suddenly a third the age and gets no funny lines. was Moneypenny maybe a codename for two (or three) different secretarys?

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