SEarching a film regarding a scene

Hello, James Bond is in a helicopter ( i believe) he picks up on the ground a vilain in

a wheelchair brings him up in the air and dumps him in an oppening of a building . So which film is this ?

Thanks, Gaston


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    thats an easy one!

    For Your Eyes Only, 1981

    do I get a prize for guessing correctly?

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    I gotta say theres a lot going on in this pre-credits sequence

    in universe continuity: the reappearance of Blofeld, with neckbrace, and Tracy's grave which specifies her death was 1969. Film-to-film continuity may generally be weak, but this is explicitly recognising On Her Majesty's Secret Service was one film that happened. OHMSS was still considered a failed Bond film at this time, at least amongst my circle of friends who never read the books, and its ending had been ignored by Diamonds are Forever . But how old would Bond be in 1981 if Tracy died in 1969? must be well past retirement age.

    behind the scenes: EON is thumbing its nose at Kevin McClory, who was working on the film eventually released as Never Say Never Again. McClory had sued to prevent EON from using Blofeld as villain in the Spy who Love Me

    structural purpose within this film: the references to OHMSS signal this will be the first major return to Fleming source material since. The tone of the scene however is more of the comical fantasy world we had seen in the most recent films, which is then unceremoniously dumped down a smokestack (into an incinerator?) to cleanse the palate for the more realistic spy story that shall follow. Also, in a film based on a collection of short stories, this pre-credits sequence is itself its own selfcontained short story.

    question to @Barbel : this version of the James Bond theme sounds very 80s. synth heavy. what is the instrumentation for the elements that sound like horns and strings? real instruments or synth settings?

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    From the liner notes:

    "...heavy funk-style guitar playing and high-pitched, Moog-like synthesizers bringing a raucous disco club sound to most of the early chase sequences. The traditional James Bond Theme was introduced in more subdued fashion, with brass often taking up the famous 007 electric bass guitar line."

    -Jeff Bond (no relation)

    Well, he's talking in general terms rather than that specific piece but you get the idea. NB- the traditional Theme isn't on a bass guitar like it says above, but the bass strings of a normal guitar.

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    thanks Barbel

    yes I was thinking the horns were playing the wrong part, but then it all sounded so 80s synth heavy thought they might not even have been real horns. I don't much like this version of the Theme. Marvin Hamlisch's version was a more amusing update, a bit like a Giorgio Moroder disco groove.


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    Yes, I'm fond of Hamlisch's version too.

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    I don't get the whole retirement comment I mean Moore would have been the same age as Connery so if she'd died in 69 the continuity was okay, I mean he'd have been 54. That said, if he were meant to be Lazenby's age in the film he'd have been younger. Guess I'm overthinking this.

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    In Flemings Moonraker it is stated mandatory retirement age for double-oh's is 45.

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    Thank you very much and have goo7d day , Gilles

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