Skyfall PTI Jacket - Winter VS Summer?

Want to get a PTI tracksuit going for the fall\winter, but noticed that there's a winter and summer version.... What's the big difference?

According to one review, the winter version has pockets, while the summer version doesn't?

And does JSC's joggers or SIS Training Gear's joggers best match the PTI jacket?

Thank you!

Yes. Consssssiderably.


  • km1fdmkm1fdm USAPosts: 163MI6 Agent

    I wouldn’t bother with JSC. I ordered from them a year ago now, and never received the jacket.

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 924MI6 Agent

    Bought a couple of things from JSC and was all good, thats such a shame. Did they not come back to you about it, sad to hear.

  • km1fdmkm1fdm USAPosts: 163MI6 Agent

    They still claim they’re trying to get more product and will be able to ship soon.. we will see. Communication has been spotty the past year. Cannot recommend JSC at all.

  • ThomoThomo ReadingPosts: 924MI6 Agent

    Keep on at them, it could be due to lockdown here in the UK and staff not being in the office space - but keep trying, as such a shame

  • km1fdmkm1fdm USAPosts: 163MI6 Agent

    Update - after more than a year, I just received the JSC jacket. The version I received has the chest pocket and side pockets. Measurements were spot on, and quality is good. If you feel like risking it, @armenianmovieman , or anyone else, it's a great track jacket. Just keep in mind their customer service isn't always communicative, and it may take a while to receive product.

  • kmrbmt216akmrbmt216a North Carolina USAPosts: 6MI6 Agent

    I had the same issue with an exchange for size right in the middle of the pandemic this year. Communication with Lee and Andrew was not great, but I chalk that up to the UK lockdown as has been previously mentioned. They did have issues with product (also I'm sure a pandemic issue) fulfillment but were patient with my inquiries. I had done business with them prior to the pandemic with no problems and quick order turnaround. I have a winter PTI jacket (my latest purchase), a workout sleeveless shirt, a long-sleeve shirt and a short-sleeve moisture wick T-shirt. Great quality and sizing.

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