Which Bond movie is the craziest?

hoppimikehoppimike London, UKPosts: 54MI6 Agent

This is possibly a bit open to interpretation but like... the most outlandish!

I feel like it's between Moonraker and Die Another Day... with DAD surely winning, lol

You guys? :)

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  • BarbelBarbel ScotlandPosts: 36,281Chief of Staff

    The last one.

  • Westward_DriftWestward_Drift Posts: 3,091MI6 Agent

    Casino Royale 1967.

    From the Eon series: Probably DAD because it was outlandish while missing the knowing cap aspects of Moonraker.

  • caractacus pottscaractacus potts Orbital communicator, level 10Posts: 3,932MI6 Agent

    I always like all the voodoo aesthetic in Live and Let Die. The science fiction element in other films is actually inherent in the Bond fantasy right from Dr No, but this dark occult stuff is a step into something different. It looks great and bends the genre. And Baron Samedi's still alive at the end just in case we thought we could rationalize it!

    this last film is a valid choice as well. All five Craig films I accept as "What If?" experiments unrelated to the classic series. This last takes those experiments to the natural conclusion, so to speak, with two plot twists in the second half that should be unimaginable, according to the episodic rules of the Classic films. And it even starts with the verboten twist of him still being with the same woman he left with at the end of the last one!

  • hoppimikehoppimike London, UKPosts: 54MI6 Agent

    I actually discovered recently that I like Die Another Day, lol

    I always thought I liked the first half but... I kind of like the whole movie, but I do agree it gets completely absurd in the second half.

    It's just so fun. And stylish and impactful. Back in the day when it came out... movies still knew how to have fun and... it felt so trendy and cool :D

    Like, looking back now it might look a bit cheesy but then so do '70s films. I think many of the best things will look cheesy after 10 or 20 years because they were so of their time and everyone was having such a good time with them that they weren't worrying about that.

    By the way I like your rankings in your signature! I think I'd struggle to do that myself but I think my top two are GoldenEye and Spy Who Loved Me :)

    Movies: The Spy Who Loved Me. Actor: Pierce Brosnan. Theme: You Only Live Twice. :D

  • Bond fan from OzBond fan from Oz Posts: 88MI6 Agent

    I think you could also include You Only Live Twice - a lair inside a volcano (with a pool for piranhas, no less), an armed gyrocopter, an army of ninjas and a grandiose plan to start World War III; unbelievable stuff.

  • hoppimikehoppimike London, UKPosts: 54MI6 Agent

    I thought this was the kind of thing that MI6 deal with every day.

    Movies: The Spy Who Loved Me. Actor: Pierce Brosnan. Theme: You Only Live Twice. :D

  • Napoleon PluralNapoleon Plural LondonPosts: 10,272MI6 Agent

    To think Spectre knocked that up in two years, they should have been put in charge of Crossrail.

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  • superadosuperado Regent's Park West (CaliforniaPosts: 2,652MI6 Agent
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    I think DAD and DAF are the strongest contenders. The fencing match in DAD escalating with bigger and bigger cutlery ending with broadswords? Restraint won the day by the sparing of maces! Then the weird, genetic limbo of Zao, Graves' interactive armor, Graves giving the stink-eye, Jinx the updated Cleopatra Jones, the duel of British sportscars on ice, with one of them having invisibility enhancements and the coup de grace, the CGI wind-surfing, outrunning a glacier tsunami!

    DAF, however, you have Blofeld in drag as mentioned, Bond, still tuxedoed, but in the glamor trash of Vegas, groovy-gangsters and more denizens of the Vegas glitzy trash like Tiffany Case, Shady Tree, 70s fashion time warped mafiosos, over-the-top gay killers, THE FIRST APPEARANCE of someone in an ape suit, Bond running past slow-motion astronauts and as mentioned, making a break for it with a moon buggy...practically an homage to CR five years earlier.

    "...the purposeful slant of his striding figure looked dangerous, as if he was making quickly for something bad that was happening further down the street." -SMERSH on 007 dossier photo, Ch. 6 FRWL.....
  • Shady TreeShady Tree London, UKPosts: 2,966MI6 Agent
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    I'm on record as loving DAF's kookiness. DAD is bonkers but sometimes in a groan-inducing way. MR has touches of Benny Hill, and its craziness is delineated by 'embarrassing Dad' syndrome (the 'Dad' in question being Lewis Gilbert, under the influence of Christopher Wood). "The last one" isn't crazy, as such: it has great stuff in it but gazes at its own navel before indulging in iconoclasm. The truth is that, overall, I enjoy them all.

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  • MI6_HeadquartersMI6_Headquarters Posts: 168MI6 Agent
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    Craziest Bond film? I'll give you No Time To Die.

    The plot was convoluted, nanobots anyone?

    You have a villain who has a personal vendetta, then suddenly in the second half wants to annihilate mankind by stealing nanobots?

    It's overstuffed, The first act was Bond's suspicion of Madeleine, the second act was SPECTRE and nanobots, the third act was about Bond and his family, then the last act was Safin being the main villain, it's like they have the cake and eat it too.

    You don't understand what's going on, because it's like three movies compiled in one movie, no doubt the atmosphere of the film changes from time to time.

    It's a convoluted, inconsistent mess of a film.

    There's so many bad things in the film that made me crazy.

  • Golrush007Golrush007 South AfricaPosts: 3,418Quartermasters
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    The volcano base in You Only Live Twice makes it arguably the craziest Bond film in my opinion. The proximity of so much infrastructure and construction to the fiery bowels of a volcano stretch credibility as far as anything else in the series. And then rockets take off and land without doing any fire damage to any of it.

    I don't mind this aspect of YOLT, in fact the volcano lair is one of the few things that I really like about that film. I don't mind the crazy, over the top stuff when the whole film, the acting, the writing, the storytelling add to the overall quality (I think Moonraker pulls this off fairly well). But unfortunately I think YOLT is lacking in a few of those areas. The big set, Little Nellie and the music are the only aspects of the film that really appeal to me.

  • Trigger_MortisTrigger_Mortis Posts: 100MI6 Agent

    How many 007 films, outside of Live and Let Die, can you describe as a psychedelic blaxpoiltation film?


    There's your craziest.

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