Trailer for a 1978 Bond spoof film starring Gareth Hunt

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Just saw this trailer for a 1978 Bond spoof, starring Gareth Hunt of New Avengers fame. It is very low budget, and is an OTT spoof. It gives you an idea whether Hunt could or could not have played the part of Bond for real.

Licensed to Love and Kill (1978)


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    well that trailer alone has more boobies than an entire BondFilm so thats something. pasties at 50 seconds!

    "might as well meet him now because he'll be around for a long time" I'm guessing there were no sequels, how long did the film originally run at the theatre (grindhouse? drive-in?) before disappearing into obscurity?

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    I think they were hoping it would lead to a series of films. The film quality on the trailer is very bad as is the sound. It looks like it was shot in 16 mm. I'm surprised it got a cinema release. But in the mid to late 70s a lot of low budget UK films were still getting cinema releases. Even a few TV sitcoms were still being made into films, like the Likely Lads, which flopped.

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    This actually was a sequel itself, the first film was No.1 Of The Secret Service starring Nicky Henson from the year before.

    And followed by Number One Gun (1990) starring Michael Howe

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    My God, these look hilarious and terrible at the same time. But, seriously, KRASH ? Killing, Rape, Arson, Slaughter and Hit ? OMFG. In how much bad taste is that ? It has to be watched to be believed.

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    These were directed by the cult director Lindsay Shonteff, who also helmed Bond rip-offs Licensed To Kill in 1965 (pretty good) and Big Zapper (not so good). The scene with the midget bad-guy being incinerated by a flame thrower is followed by a Bond-worthy quip, “small fry”. Well worth seeing if, like me, you’re a fan of spy spoofs. I added the posters in the Movie Poster thread some time ago.

    Yeah, well, sometimes nothin' can be a real cool hand.
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    Licensed to Kill is also titled The 2nd Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wide World.

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    I saw this on TV in the late 70s. It was a bit better than the later Agent No 1 spoofs. It was more serious, though still pretty bad. I wonder if Tom Adams was ever considered for Bond when Connery left.

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    Looks like it should have been called Confessions of a Secret Agent as a sequel to Confessions of a Window Cleaner and Confessions of a Driving Instructor. They could have got Robin Askwith rather than Gareth Hunt.

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