Skyfall corduroy trousers alternatives help

WooperthWooperth Posts: 22MI6 Agent

I cannot seem to find a suitably dark alternative for the Allsaints Iggy corduroy trousers from Skyfall. I have the sports jacket version but I think the colour is still the same as the original, and I am wondering if it is just not faded enough or if trousers that I have tried are not dark enough, or some combination of both.

I tried the Espresso colour corduroy trousers from Huckberry and the fit is pretty good, and they are nice and comfortable, but the colour is not quite dark enough against the Barbour jacket.

So then I tried the recently released Tellis corduroy trousers from A.G. Jeans, and they are a little bit darker, though also a more richly saturated brown, and even slimmer, which is nice, but they still do not seem quite dark enough against the Barbour jacket as seen in Skyfall.

I really want to get the look down right, so I am wondering if there are any good options that you all know of that are suitably dark and also get the slim to skinny fit down correctly. Cheers.


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